Author: Rachel Abercrombie
Publisher: American Geophysical Union
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Active tectonics of the north- central Caribbean: oblique collision, strain
partitioning, and opposing subducted slabs, in Active strike-slip and collisional
tectonics of the northern Caribbean plate boundary zone, edited by J. Dolan, and
P. Mann, Geological Society of America, Boulder, CO. Dziewonski, A. M., Chou,
T. A. and Woodhouse, J. H., 1981. Determination of earthquake source
parameters from waveform data for studies of global regional seismicity, J.
Geophys. Res., 86 ...

Institute Of Geological And Nuclear Sciences Information Series

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These studies indicate an average recurrence interval of 8001200 years, an
elapsed time since the last earthquake of at least about 800 years, and a slip rate
of 6-12 mm/yr. ... Mann, P., C.S. Prentice, G. Burr, L.R. Peña, and F.W. Taylor,
Tectonic geomorphology and paleoseismology of the Septentrional fault system,
Dominican Republic, in Active Strikeslip and Collisional Tectonics of the Northern
Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone, Geological Society of America Special Paper
326, ...

Economic Geology

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Active Strike-Slip and Collisional Tectonics of the Northern Caribbean Plate
Boundary Zone. J.F. DoLAN AND P. MANN, EDs. 186 p. (indexed) 1998. Price
$60. SPE327. Late Cenozoic Xianshuihe-Xiaojiang, Red River, and Dali Fault
Systems of the Southwestern Sichuan and Central Yunnan, China. E. WANG,
LIWENxIN, EDs. 112 p. 1998. Price $41. Geological Survey of Canada, 601
Booth Street, Ottawa, ...

Bibliographic Guide To Latin American Studies

Author: Benson Latin American Collection
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Drumblair : memories of a Jamaican childhood / Rachel Manley. 1 st ed. Kingston
: I. Randle Publishers. c 19%. xiv. 418 p.. 1 16| p. of plates : ill. : 23 cm. ISBN 976-
8100-98-2 ISBN 976-8100-97-4 (pbk.) DDC 972.92/05/092 /. Manley. Rachel -
Chíldhood and youth. 2. Jamaica - Social Ufe and cusloms. 3. Manley. Norman ...
Active strike-slip and collisional tectonics of the Northern Caribbean piale
boundary zone. Boulder. Coló. : Geológica! Society of America. 1998. QE5U.4
A25 1998 ...

Orogenic Processes In The Alpine Collision Zone

Author: Nikolaus Froitzheim
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Hyndman, R.D., Flück, P., Mazzotti, S., Lewis, T.J., Ristau, J. & Léonard, L. 2005:
Current tectonics of the Northern Canadian Cordillera. Canadian Journal of Earth
Sciences, 42, 6, ... Lingrey S., 2007: Cenozoic deformation of Trinidad: Foldbelt
restoration in a region of significant strike-slip. In: Lacombe O., Roure F., Lavé J.
... The Tertiary dynamics of the Northern Eastern Alps (Austria): changing
paleostress in a collisional plate boundary. Tectonophysics, 272,125–157.
Philippe, Y.

Geodinamica Acta

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This zone is characterized by a large sinistral strike-slip system with an east-west
direction, relayed to the east by the south-vergent subduction of the North
American plate under the Caribbean plate at the level of the Puerto Rico trench (
figure I). This margin is marked by a complex of volcanic arcs active from the
beginning of the Cretaceous until the beginning of the Eocene and which have
been dismembered by Tertiary sinistral strike-slip tectonics [12]. The island of
Hispaniola is a ...