Cafe Racers

Author: Michael Lichter
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 0760345821
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DIVIn Café Racers, master photographer Michael Lichter and motorcycle culture expert Paul d’Orléans visually trace café racer motorcycles from their origins in the mid-twentieth century all the way into modern times. /div

Trade Culture

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In 1996, 355,000 tons passed through Dubai — an increase of 13.4% over 1995.
More than ... That remarkable speed makes it possible for Dubai to compete for
business from other UAE emirate. Thus ... Typically for Dubai, the Crowne Plaza's
line-up of restaurants is remarkably multiethnic: Sakura (Japanese), Steak House
, Trader Vic's (Polynesian), Al Tanour (Lebanese), Cappuccino's (Viennese cafe),
Harvester's (British) Put> — and Al Dana, an Arab/international eatery. Fittingly ...


Author: Johnny Stuart
Publisher: Plexus Publishing
ISBN: 0859658716
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Rockers! celebrates the biker style with panache and wit, showing how a love affair between bikes and speed became the original touchstone of a youth cult which continues to fascinate and endure, with its myths, magic and melancholy.

Not For Tourists Guide To Los Angeles

Author: Jane Pirone
Publisher: Amer Map Corporation
ISBN: 9780975866481
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The largest municipal park and urban wilderness area in the United States,
Griffith Park also houses a zoo, a couple of golf courses, tons of cool hiking trails,
and the newly renovated Griffith Observatory. ... But speed at your own risk: the
25 mph speed limit on all park roads is strictly enforced. ... At first glance, you
might not even notice many of the multi-million dollar improvements, since so
much care went into retaining the observatory's Art Deco style, and because a
majority of the ...

Los Angeles Magazine

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The walls are covered with celebrity caricatures, the booths are packed, and the
waiters talk fast— so keep up. Start with ... Sapna, the manager, greets her diners
like treasured guests, and by the inevitable second visit, you're family Stuffed nan
is a A NEW OffNftff AT/ON OF SPEED On View April 26 - September 14, 2003
Tuner Cars emerged during the1990s as a spin-off of the custom mini-truck
movement, their construction re-establishing L.A. as the car culture capital of the

New York

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The affair is set against the changing culture of the sixties. When Jill gets to Sarah
Lawrence, she's ludicrously overdressed, and her struggles to keep up with the
tall, slinky dazzlers who have mastered the casually sloppy style is a triumph of
gentle satire. R 6, 57, 97, 416, 748 BETRA YAL— { 1 hr 35m., '83) Ben Kingsley,
wearing a spiky toupee that makes him look rather like Caligula, is both
tormented and manipulative as the London publisher who is cuckolded by his
wife (Patricia ...


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Japanese cultural events at this elaborate celebration of spring include traditional
dancing, martial arts demonstrations, taike drum and koto performances, and tea
ceremonies. ... Herbst Theatre, Van Ness Ave and McAllisterSt, SF(431-5400). c»
Designers' Showcase, The grand Mediterranean-style Hampton House,
designed by architect Albert Farr, who also designed Jack London's legendary
Wolf House in Glen Ellen, ... Get a behind-the-scenes look at Thoroughbred


Author: Mark Francis
Publisher: Phaidon Press
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The repertoire of hooded headlamps, bumper-bombs, sporty nave-plates,
ventilators, intakes, incipient tailfins, speed-streaks and chromium spears,
protruding exhaust pipes, cineramic windscreens - these give tone and social
connotation to ... the actual symbols are drawn from science fiction, movies, earth
-moving equipment, supersonic aircraft, racing cars, heraldry and certain deep-
seated mental dispositions about the great outdoors and the kinship between
technology and sex.

Turf Field And Farm

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band played “Hail to the Chief”; and this was indeed painful to him who had
bought Give-Up. And there, also, was a sad, sad flirt of a dog who did stampede
Runaway, so that her owner's heart was sore and he took counsel with himself
how he might do something to remedy this ... A cafe, enclosed in glass, shelters
many prominent horsemen these early Spring afternoons. ... They would seem in
a sense to combine the speed of the trotter with the strength of animals of the
draft build.

The Breeder S Gazette

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New Wabash Equipment. The Wabash Railroad has just received and placed in
service on its lines running our of Chicage the following new equipment: palace
day coaches. ten reclining chair curs. three cafe cars and two dining cars. The
majority of these new cars are seventy feet in length. and flitcd with the latest style
wide vestibuies. ... soon—n cor-load ni' pure-bred Aberdeen-Angus Cattle, from
the blast strains. and is made up of Queen Motii- ~ ers. illnckbirds. Minus, Ericas
and ...