Call Sign Lightning

Author: Scott Messmore
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They are among the best of the best, and their radio call sign "Lightning" is recognized throughout the military as the gold standard of qualification and capability.

The Lockheed Plant

Author: Joe Kirby
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Pilots flying the YF-22 prototype used the radio call signLightning” during test
flights in 1990, and it was widely thought that the F-22 would have that as its
official nickname. However, it was formally christened “Raptor" by the Air Force in
1997. Lockheed built the 200,000-square-foot L-22 Building south of the runway
in the early 1990s to house those working on the F-22 program; however, these
pictures were snapped in the B-1 assembly building. On the wall are two signs.
The first ...

Lightning From The Sky Thunder From The Sea

Author: Thomas Petri
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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ANGLICO: "Super Grunts" of 1st ANGLICO were deployed to all four tactical zones of Vietnam in small mobile fire control teams, providing support to U.S. Army and allied elements.

Call Sign Revlon

Author: Sally Spears
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Lightning. Unlike air force pilots whose primary duty is flying, navy pilots are also
assigned a ground job. As officers, they are expected to be leaders and
managers of people. The ground job is supposed to be their first responsibility as
a naval officer and their flying duties are supposed to be secondary, but you won't
find many aviators who believe that. Kara was no exception; the challenge and
the fun is in the flying. In comparison, the ground job is colorless and uninspiring.
Worse ...

Learning Spark

Author: Holden Karau
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Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis Holden Karau, Andy Konwinski, Patrick Wendell
, Matei Zaharia. callSignCount) { String sign = callSignCount._1(); String country
= lookupCountry(sign, signPrefixes.value()); return new Tuple2(country,
callSignCount._2()); }}).reduceByKey(new SumInts()); countryContactCounts.
saveAsTextFile(outputDir + "/countries.txt"); As shown in these examples, the
process of using broadcast variables is simple: 1. Create a Broadcast[T] by
calling ...

Nols Lightning

Author: John Gookin
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Indeed, some people have been killed by lightning in high-risk areas, such as
among peaks and ridges, during rainstorms when nobody recalled hearing
thunder. The absence of thunder should not be taken as a sign that lightning
danger is not present. A lightning strike can ... It's important to keep in mind that in
this situation, seconds can mean the difference between being killed or injured
by lightning and a close call, so you need to think and act quickly. Identify objects
that are good ...

Flying High

Author: Richard Gould Woodhull, Jr.
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My personal call sign, “Pogo 52,” was subsequently painted on the back of the
cap, along with an outline of my home state, Florida. Initially, the bill of ... Two
lightning bolts on the left side of the bill represented, respectively, the first solo
flight and successful final check ride in the PA-18 Supercub. ... represented the
first day and night T-6G solo cross country flights, and a cloud with a lightning bolt
through it, indicated successful completion of the final instrument check ride in
the T-6G.

The Lightning From The East

Author: L.D. Dale
Publisher: Devadayavu Lawrie
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Suddenly there was a spiritual call to people from many countries, to uproot
themselves and gather in India with Ayyah. This gathering ... Rainbows around
the sun and the moon, nightly lightning flashed over the compound from evening
till morning; there was no thunder or rain but brilliant light that flashed,
illuminating the sky. ... They would then search for him in the usual lodge where
Ayyah might stay and soon they would find him, because they could recognize
the sign of the cloud.

Frankie S Place

Author: Jim Sterba
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No consensus emerged. This was going to take time. It took years. Scoop, the title
of Evelyn Waugh's classic novel about foreign correspondents, became an
interim name. I adopted it as a marine radio call sign, since callsign rules
required stating the name and number of your vessel when calling. Then, one
summer, in a lightning lobbying blitz, I ordered yellow shirts and black hats
monogrammed with “Scoop, Northeast Harbor” for all three of us from the Sporty's
Tool Shop catalog.

Lightning In The Storm

Author: Thomas Taylor
ISBN: 9780781810173
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For the battalion's call sign is Bengal, a reference to their military pedigree
begotten from the Flying Tigers of World War II fame. The original Flying Tigers
were hired guns for Chiang Kai Shek before America entered the war against
Japan. Then they were incorporated into the Army Air Corps, receiving an official
number. When the Air Force became a separate service in 1947, they took the
number with them but not the orphaned nickname. Flying Tiger veterans used it
to start a freight ...