Cephalopod Behaviour

Author: Roger T. Hanlon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521645836
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This 1996 book examines that behaviour, summarizing field and laboratory data from a wide variety of sources in a comprehensive account of the life of cephalopods in their natural habitats.

Cephalopod Cognition

Author: Anne-Sophie Darmaillacq
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107015561
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The elaborate sensory and neural system in many extant cephalopods enables
them to exhibit complex types of adaptive behaviour (Wells, 1978; Hanlon &
Messenger, 1996; Nixon & Young, 2003; Hochner, 2008, 2010). Of the many
kinds of such complex behaviour, we focus here on exploration, play and
cognition. To adequately study exploration, or playful interaction, in cephalopods,
we need to know a good deal about their behaviour, especially 'normal' or
ethotypic behaviour, ...


Author: Roland C. Anderson
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604695005
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Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. Boal, J. G. 2006. Social recognition: Atop
down view of cephalopod behavior. Vie etMileu 56: 69–79. Boal, J. G., A. W.
Dunham, K. T. Williams, and R. T. Hanlon. 2000. Experimental evidence for
spatial learning in octopuses (Octopus bimaculoides). Journal of Comparative
Psychology 114: 246–252. Boletzky, S. v. 1987a. Embryonic phase. In
Cephalopod Life Cycles, vol. 2. Ed. P. R. Boyle. London, England: Academic
Publishers, 5–31. Boletzky ...

Brain And Behaviour In Cephalopods

Author: Martin John Wells
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All this suggests that individual experience is important in the determination of
cephalopod behaviour. This poses something of a problem. For in cephalopods
there is no parental care of the young. Once hatched, a young cephalopod
operates on its own, with experience of the outside world not limited by parental
protection. These animals, which as adults have many of the behavioural
characteristics of the higher vertebrates, have, unlike the vertebrates, to discover
what to eat, when ...

Advances In Cephalopod Science Biology Ecology Cultivation And Fisheries

Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128003200
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However, as this study described changes in personality in individuals held in
isolation for their entire life, there is substantial scope to determine changes in
behavioural interactions between males and females as individuals move from
subadult to adult. The use of visual displays and their importance changes as
cephalopods transition from the subadult stage to the adult stage. Cuttlefish
hatchlings are born with the ability to produce almost every adult body pattern;
however, the ...

Adaptive Mechanisms In The Ecology Of Vision

Author: S. Archer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792353195
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14 Visual systems, behaviour, and environment in cephalopods W.R.A. MUNTZ
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Monash University, Clayton,
Victoria 3168, Australia. 14.1 Introduction The vision of cephalopods is
interesting for many reasons. One is the existence of the primitive cephalopod
Nautilus, which has apparently changed little over the past 150 million years or
so. The modern coleoid cephalopods are probably derived from ancestors that
resembled Nautilus ...

On The Origin Of Autonomy

Author: Bernd Rosslenbroich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 331904141X
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Springer, Berlin Hall BK (2003) Unlocking the black box between genotype and
phenotype: cell condensations as morphogenetic (modular) units. Biol Philos 18:
219–247 Hanlon RT, Messenger JB (1996) Cephalopod behaviour. Cambridge
University Press, Cambridge Hart B, Hart L (2004) Tool use by elephants. In:
Bekoff M (ed) Encyclopedia of animal behavior, vol 3. Greenwood, Westport/
London, pp 1071–1073 Hartman H (2002) Progenotes. In: Encyclopedia of life

Animal Behaviour Abstracts

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1300-Y2S Cephalopod behaviour. Hanlon, R.T.; Messenger, J.B., 1996. 232 pp,
ISBN 0-521-42083-0, Price: $74.95 (USA), hardback. Published by: CAMBRIDGE
UNIVERSITY PRESS. NEW YORK, NY (USA). En. There are about 700 species
of cephalopods (cuttlefishes, squids, octopuses and the chambered nautiluses)
living throughout the seas of the world, some between the tides, others In the
deep ocean, and yet others In the surface waters. Cephalopods are considered
to be ...

Oceanography And Marine Biology

Author: R. N. Gibson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420006391
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The data on reproductive biology indicate that spawning is extended, with growth
continuing during a reproductive period that probably occupies much of the life
cycle, an unusual strategy in cephalopods. Diet studies suggest that benthic
cirrates feed on small-sized organisms with low swimming speeds and the main
prey are amphipods and polychaetes. Cirrate predators include sharks, teleost
fishes, fur seals and sperm whales. Behavioural observations, based on
underwater ...


Author: Peter Boyle
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405145439
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Form and function in cephalopods is covered in a major body ofliterature
exploring their anatomy, physiology and behaviour. The classical approaches of
comparative zoology establishes their status as highly evolved and specially
adapted molluscs, and simultaneously describes the many ways in which they
have evolved biological systems which are comparable to those of fish in many
instances, but by quite different routes. The principles by which cephalopod
biology is governed ...