Chromic Phenomena

Author: Peter Bamfield
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1847558682
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The book is of interest to industrial chemists, professionals, postgraduates and recommended reading for colour technology courses at academic institutions.

The Journal Of Imaging Science And Technology

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Professor Larry R. Dalton. (University of S. California) Chameleon Fibers. Dr
Richard Gregory, (Clemson University South Carolina) Recent Advances in
Photorefractive Polymers Professor Nasser Peyghambarian, (University of
Arizona) Chromic Phenomena in Polythiophene Derivatives Professor Mario
LeClerc, (University of Montreal, Canada) Lunch & Exhibition SESSION 3 [
Marking Systems from Eastman ...

Flat Panel Displays

Author: Stephen M. Kelly
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 9780854045679
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Traditionally there has been a division between the two fields of organic materials research and industrial activity; this book is intended to bridge the gap and provide a standard reference work for both.

Textile Technology Digest

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1 1 refs. Coloration D2 (2002/04505) Chromic Phenomena: Technological
Applications of Colour Chemistry. P. Bamfield. Royal Society of Chem., Thomas
Graham House, Sci. Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 OWF, United Kingdom,
2001 . 374 pages. English. lTT Cat. No. TP 910 .B323 2001. An overview of
applications in color chemistry comprises chapters titled Phenomena lnvolving a
Reversible Colour Change, Phenomena lnvolving the Absorption and
Reflectance of Light, ...

Handbook Of Organic Conductive Molecules And Polymers Conductive Polymers Spectroscopy And Physical Properties

Author: Hari Singh Nalwa
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 9780471965954
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5.3 Cooperative aspects of thermochromism The synthesis of substituted
polythiophenes for investigations of thermochromism has brought many
examples of how the regioregular side chain substitution is central to the chromic
phenomena. Some of these materials show two-phase behaviour with an
isobestic point in the sequence of the spectra. As the optical absorption only
reflects local properties, we have to understand what mechanism it is that will
always keep the material in just ...

Functionality Of Molecular Systems From Molecular Systems To Molecular Devices

Author: Kenʼichi Honda
Publisher: Springer Verlag
ISBN: 9784431701606
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3.1 Electroactive Molecular Systems Katsumi Yoshino and Tsuyoshi Kawai (3.1.1
) Shogo Saito (3.1.2) 3.1.1 Electrochromic Molecules Some organic and
inorganic compounds have been known to show clear color changes upon
electrochemical oxidation or reduction. This chromic phenomenon is called "
electrochromism." The first electrochromic materials to be studied were inorganic
compounds such as VO2 and WO3. However, their lifetime, response time, and
chromic color give ...

Chemical Abstracts

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K. Hasegawa 110: 96064n Chromic phenomena and their applications. Yoshino,
Katsumi (Dep. Eng., Osaka Univ., Suita, Japan). Kagaku to Kogyo (Tokyo) 1988,
41(11), 1022-4 (Japan). A review with 8 refs. is given on the author's work on
chromic phenomena in elec. conducting polythiophenes. Electro-, photo-, thermo
-, and solvatochromism are described. These phenomena have potentially
interesting applications such as information recording and display. K. Hasegawa
110: ...