Grand Dictionnaire Hachette Oxford

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1327 n malaVdiefdu légionnaire, légionellose f leg iron n (for convict) entrave f; (
for disabled person) appareil m orthopédique legislate /"ledZIsleIt/ vi 1 (make
laws) légiféVrer (on sur); to d against faire des lois contre [discrimination, .... (
fresh) US citron m pressé lemon: d balm n mélissef; d cheese, d curd n GB
crèmefde citron; d drop n bonbon m au citron; d-flavoured, d-flavored US adj
parfumé au citron; d grass n citronnelle f; d juice n jus m de citron; GB (drink)
citron m pressé; d sole ...


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Gears manufactured by Andr Citron, which became the logo for Citron cars. The Eiffel Tower served as a billboard for Citron from 1925 to 1934. 1919 Citroen A 8CV ...

Entrepreneurship Finance Governance And Ethics

Author: Robert Cressy
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Citron,D.,andM. Wright. 2008. Bankruptcy costs, leverageandmultiple
securedcreditors: Thecaseof management buyouts. Accounting and Business
Research 38(1): 71–89. Citron,D.,M. Wright, R. Ball,andF.Rippington. 2003.
Securedcreditorrecovery ratesfrom managementbuyouts in distress.European
Financial Management 9(2): 141–161. Cotter,J.F.,and S.W.Peck.2001. The
structureofdebtand activeequity investors:Thecase of the buyout specialist.
Journal of Financial Economics ...

Citro N Vehicles

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Molecular Medical Microbiology

Author: Yi-Wei Tang
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Clin Microbiol Rev 2011;24:231À46. Talan DA, Citron DM, Abrahamian FM,
Moran GJ, Goldstein EJ. Bacteriologic analysis of infected dog and cat bites. N
Engl J Med 1999;340:85À92. Oliver J. Recent findings on the viable but
nonculturable state in pathogenic bacteria. FEMS Microbiol Rev 2010;34:415À25
. Citron D, Goldstein E, Merriam C, Lipsky B, Abramson M. Bacteriology of
moderate-to-severe diabetic foot infections and in posthysterectomy infection.
Anaerobe in vitro activity ...

Sanskrit English Dictionary

Author: M. Monier
Publisher: Рипол Классик
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-tvI-,n.¡1veet|1ess(intaste), Suit.; mavity, chann (os Ipeeeb), Klv. -tvwn, m. Gria—
lea Tomentosa, L. -nh'g'holha, m. N. ot' an evil ¡pirit or demon, Lalit. —n:|.lYl:nl-.
nis(á)n. sweetvoiecd, L.—pa.ço'l.¡, f. a aperies ol' plant, L. —pra.[Ita, mín, Singïng
meetly (a: a bird), Ritos. ~ praupln, msn. ejnging sweetly,Vikr. -prlya—dnr¡una, rtI.
'es meet and friendly ¡SP-:Ci: N. osSiva, Sívag. —phnla., m. a speeiea os jujube,
L.; (á), f. the aweet melon, L. -bïjI-PEX'I, m. a kind Ds citron, L. -bbh'hltei, In. a ...

The New World Of English Words

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Circumscriptinn Internal, lS that which belong: to the Esse'nce and (hulity of every
Body, whereby it as a certain determinate Extention, Bo nds and igure. _ trumped
, wary, wise, confiderate, prudent ... Citrine or CitronzColour, the Colour of a.
Pomecitron, or Golden Colour , which the Chymists undertake to ive to some
Metals, to make them look like Gol , and call it the Grand Mineral Tincture.
Cittiuefl', the Yellow-hamber, a Bird. - Citron, a kind of great Lemmon. Cinul, a
sort of Cucumber, ...

Cuttings From My Garden Notebooks

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'Branklyn' 7-8 D P purplish D 183 'OrmswelT 7-8 D P azure D 71 'Quarriston' 7-8
D P lavender DS 71 'Slieve Donard' 7-8 D P blue D 70,71,183 — simplicifolia 7-8
D P blue DS 69 — villosa (Cathcartia villosa) 7-8 D P citron S 72 — wallichii 8-9
E A blue S 72 Mimulus guttatus 'A. T. Johnson' 8-10 D P yellow/brown CD 66
AforKj alba 'Pendula' 5-8 D T F G 231,232 Muscari armeniacum 4-8 D B blue DS
23 'Blue Spike' 4-8 D B blue D 23 'Heavenly Blue' 4-8 D B blue 23, 183 Narcissus

Sweet S Hortus Britannicus

Author: Robert Sweet
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(wh) poisonous E. Indies 1823. .... S R Tribe IV. GELSEMIE AE. D.S. 4. p. 87.
GELSEMIUM D.S. GElse"MIUM. (gelsemino, Ital. name for jasmine.) Pentandria
Monogynia. sempervirens D.s.(ye) evergreen N. America 1640. 6.7. G h J.
Catesb. car. l. t. 53. mitidum R.s. Bignonia sempervirens w. Tribe V.
TABERNAEMonta'NA.(J.Theodore,surn. Tabernaemontanus.)Pent.Mo. l citrifolia
Ds. (st) Citron-leaved Jamaica 1784. 5. 8.

The Jazz Discography

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[KJJ51 |K!J*] (K137) [KU*] [KD») [K!*9] [К14Ц [K142) [K14JI IK144I (Kl«) [KU*| [
КИТ) (KIM] [K14»l [KU*] [K151] [КШ] [Kl«) [K154I Tony Canal (tp) Guy Kbalila (П)
Francia Lockwood (keyboards) Jean Michel Kajdan (g.ebg.b) Serge Roux (h/
ricon) Kin Rust (d) Paria, April 1 " "~TM Going the sa me way Francis Lockwood (
keyboards) Jean Michel Kajdan (>) Manu Katche (d) Pari«, April 1*78 &
February 197» ds)Jea 1 1*78 * February 1*7» Blue Citron (F)D018 (CD) Ramon's
holiday ...