Bulletin Of The Chemical Society Of Japan

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The basic concept of 2D infrared (IR) spectroscopy was proposed by Noda in
1986. 5-7 The conceptual influence of 2D NMR on the early stage of 2D IR
correlation spectroscopy was significant. For example, the convenient
representation techniques used in 2D NMR, such as contour map representation
and spectral slices, were instantly adopted to 2D IR. However, the specific
experimental procedure developed for 2D IR spectroscopy is significantly
different from that employed in 2D ...

Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Author: Phil Williams
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Introduction Recently, there have been a few notable trials to deepen the
fundamental understanding of near infrared (NIR) spectra. One of them is to
apply generalized two-dimensional (2D) correlation spectroscopy to NIR region.1
The basic concept of generating 2D infrared (IR) spectra from perturbation-
induced time-dependent fluctuation of IR signals was introduced by Noda in
1986.2 In 1993, he proposed more generalized 2D correlation spectroscopy to
produce 2D correlation ...

Two Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy

Author: Isao Noda
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470012390
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... NMR and other resonance spectroscopy methods, lately a very different form of
2D spectroscopy applicable to many other types of spectroscopic techniques is
also emerging. This book's focus is on this latter type of 2D spectroscopy. The
introduction of the concept of 2D spectroscopy to optical spectroscopy, such as IR
and Raman, occurred much later than NMR in a very different form. The basic
concept of perturbation-based two-dimensional spectroscopy applicable to
infrared (2D ...

Advanced Techniques In Biophysics

Author: José Luis R. Arrondo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540307869
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The idea of 2D spectroscopy was put forward in NMR spectroscopy, where by
spreading spectral peaks over a second dimension, the visualization of complex
spectra consisting of many overlapped peaks could be simplified. Lately, different
forms of 2D spectroscopy applicable to many other types of spectroscopic
techniques have been developed. The concept of perturbation-based 2D
spectroscopy was introduced by Noda in 1986 (for a review see Noda et al. 2000

Optics And Spectroscopy

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MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy I.
Noda* and N. I. Afanas'eva** * The Procter and Gamble Company, Miami Valley
Laboratories, Cincinnati, OH, USA ** Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy
of Sciences, Troitsk, Moscow oblast, 142092 Russia Received October 17, 1995
Abstract — A concept of the method of two-dimensional infrared (2D IR)
correlation spectroscopy is developed. The line intensity in the 2D IR spectrum is
represented ...

Structural Identification Of Organic Compounds With Spectroscopic Techniques

Author: Yong-Cheng Ning
Publisher: Vch Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh
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7.5.4 Two-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy The concept of two-dimensional
infrared spectroscopy (2D IR) was proposed by Noda et al. [10-12]. The
development of 2D IR originates from 2D NMR (the COSY ... The principle of 2D
IR Because the time scale for IR is in the range of 10"12-1(T13 s, which is much
shorter than that for NMR, 2D IR spectra have to be produced by using an
alternative appropriate method. Some perturbation is required to excite the
measured molecules.

Methods In Membrane Lipids

Author: Alex Dopico
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1588296628
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This book presents a compendium of methodologies for the study of membrane lipids, varying from traditional lab bench experimentation to computer simulation and theoretical models.

Near Infrared Spectroscopy In Agriculture

Author: Craig Arthur Roberts
Publisher: Amer Society of Agronomy
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These concepts are common to quantitative and discriminant analysis. This
chapter will explain the additional basic concepts of discriminant analysis and
provide an introduction to some of the most commonly used discriminant
techniques. Basic Concepts In order to illustrate the basic concept of discriminant
analysis, consider some hypothetical measurements on the juice of oranges
grown in three different orchards. Imagine that the measured pH and Brix (see
Chapter 15) of the ...