Corrosion Science And Technology

Author: David E.J. Talbot
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420049886
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This text integrates the chemical, electrochemical, and metallurgical aspects of corrosion control for application in typical contemporary technologies with economical use of resources.

Guideline For Certification Of Solar Energy Equipment

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2.5 2.6 3.0 Stainless Steel While stainless steel is generally regarded as
corrosion resistant, it is susceptible to intergranular ... The zinc coating on
galvanized steel is protective in aqueous media with a pH value between 7 and
12 and a temperature below 55°C (131°F). ... Other available copper alloys,
notably copper-nickel alloys, are more suitable, having been developed to
provide improved corrosion ...

Copper Casting Alloys

Author: Non-Ferrous Founders' Society
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Silicon Bronzes/Brasses (C87300-C87900) are moderate strength alloys with
good corrosion resistance and useful casting characteristics. ... to a broader class
of alloys in which the principal alloying element is neither zinc (which would form
brasses) nor nickel (which ... The alloy is recognized for its unsurpassed wear
performance against steel journals. ... The nickel-tin bronzes are characterized by
moderate strength and very good corrosion resistance, especially in aqueous

Asm Handbook

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Copper-ions 104 Copper MMCs 537 Copper-nickel alloys . ... 387 Corrosion
aqueous media 516 Corrosion attack 229 Corrosion barrier principle 444
Corrosion barrier systems 444 Corrosion behavior of amorphous ... 3 1 painted
weathering steels 32 protection of buried members 32 protection of tower legs
and lighting standards . ... pH 403 of uranium alloys 374 of zinc alloys 413
Corrosion probes 20 Corrosion products 30, 407, 408 Corrosion profiles 265
Corrosion properties 461, ...

Asm Review Of Metal Literature

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Several field tests results on corrosion of steel foundation pilings for bridges and
buildings and its prevention by cathodic ... Corrosion resistance of Zn was
sensitive to corrosive condition and the durability of Zn coating highly depended
on the ... Types of corrosion caused by sea water in piping are listed and the
relative ability of Cu and Cu alloys to resist such attack ... therefore, for the
corrosion acceleration which results from irradiation by fast neutrons in
oxygenated aqueous media.

Dechema Corrosion Handbook

Author: Dieter Behrens
Publisher: Vch Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh
ISBN: 9783527266579
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39 [826] Williamson, T. A. Tinned steel fuel tanks for alcohol-powered vehicles
Anti-Corros. ... A. The corrosion resistance of the titanium alloy VT-5 in the ternary
system: 70% acetic acid-saturated sodium chloride- water studied by ... Wahab,
A. A. A.; Saied, A. E. A study of the inhibiting action of benzene thiols and related
compounds on the corrosion of zinc in acidic media 8th Intern. ... N. The effect of
maleic acid on zinc corrosion in aqueous electrolytic solutions (in Russian)