Author: David Foenkinos
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He was passing by, she kissed him without thinking.

Delicacy By David Foenkinos Book Analysis

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We do see, however, that Natalie is nostalgic when she shares a moment of
intense memories with her father as she gets out the Pez dispenser. She is
probably an only child (there are no indications of possible brothers or sisters)
and is close to her family. She visits her parents twice in the novel, the first after
François' death, the second after Markus gives her what we might compare to '
Proust's madeleine', a Pez dispenser that reminds her of her childhood. Her
Norman grandmother ...

The Oxford History Of The Novel In English

Author: Peter Garside
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Sterne's parody of delicacy enacts the tensions between the polite and the vulgar
that are played out in the novel genre's development from scandal to
respectability. At a metatextual level, 'the case of delicacy' is also the case that
Sterne prosecutes for the novel genre as a legitimate space for reflection on the
complex aesthetic, epistemological, ethical, social, and sexual questions that the
issue of delicacy raises. For delicacy is, as the novel suggests, a highly complex
and ...

Eighteenth Century Sensibility And The Novel

Author: Ann Jessie van Sant
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An important related term is delicacy, often used as a synonym for sensibility or,
in adjective form, as a descriptive term preceding it. In his Dictionary ( 1 755),
Samuel Johnson defines delicacy at length, including in his listing daintiness,
fineness in eating; pleasing to the senses; softness, feminine beauty; nicety,
minute accuracy; neatness; politeness, gentleness of manners; indulgence;
tenderness; and weakness of constitution. The specifically eighteenth-century
additions (indicated ...

Nation And Novel

Author: Patrick Parrinder
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The English Novel from Its Origins to the Present Day Patrick Parrinder. amiable;
Knightley disagrees: '''No, Emma, your amiable young man can be amiable only
in French, not in English. He may be very 'aimable', have very good manners,
and be very agreeable, but he can have no English delicacy towards the feelings
of other people; nothing really amiable about him''' (166). 'English delicacy' here
is the quality of the morally scrupulous, sympathetic, and socially aware English ...

A Companion To The Eighteenth Century English Novel And Culture

Author: Paula R. Backscheider
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New Contexts for Early Novels 269 measure, for example: they collect ''every
sence in one, exhale the very soul, and mingle spirits!'' (LE 288). Sublime love is
allied with the ''nicer, and more refined delicacies of desire.'' It is appreciable only
by the special few possessed of these ''refined delicacies'' (LE 182). She invites
her readers to unite with her against the ''insipids'' who lack the ''elegance of
thought, delicacy, or tenderness of soul'' to appreciate the force of love (LE 206).

Novel Minds

Author: Rebecca Tierney-Hynes
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And further, in 'Of Essay-Writing', Hume declares that '[a]s the Fair Sex have a
great Share of the tender and amorous disposition, it perverts their Judgement' of
'Books of Gallantry and Devotion ... and most of them seem more delighted with
the Warmth, than with the justness of the Passion' (Essays, 537). The 'false Taste'
of women in this regard is due to the same sensibility that enables them to judge
with greater delicacy and refinement. Hume seems to pay court to this delicacy of

The English Novel 1700 1740

Author: Robert Ignatius Letellier
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Delicacy is one of the key words of 18c culture and functions in psychological,
moral, social, gender and literary contexts. Its meaning is unstable, leading to
debate about 'true' or 'false' delicacy. With the popularization of Shaftesbury's
philosophy, it became associated with the feminine vocation of sensibility and
sentimentality. In the mid- 1 8c Hume and his contemporaries recaptured the
critical meaning of delicacy as the integration and construction of a new balance
of opposites, ...

The English Novel Vol I

Author: Richard W. F. Kroll
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He turns to instructive dying63 and hagiography. Though he loses dramatic
power with these comparatively static forms, they imply a repudiation of the
violence of the novel's provocative method. As used in Clarissa, the vocabulary of
sensibility - sensibility, sensible, insensible, delicacy, niceness - shows the
expected range of meanings from awareness or perception to physical and
psychological delicacy, to refined generous feeling, to romantic susceptibility. It is
not the recurrence of ...

The Novel And The Obscene

Author: Florence Dore
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Cather's novel alters Hicklin to include the idea that gender is a matter of "
switches," and this, we might say, is "ultimate delicacy," a new form of propriety.
But this propriety, as we might now expect, turns out to be a paradox — it is
secured by foreign hair acquired for American "shop windows."8 We might
observe that the hair is therefore "cheap"; it is hair that has become cheapened,
we might say, in becoming a commodity for "shop windows." The "switch"
enabled by this hair thus both ...