Ethnographic Sorcery

Author: Harry G. West
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226894126
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In Ethnographic Sorcery, West explores the fascinating issues provoked by this equation. A key theme of West’s research into sorcery is that one sorcerer’s claims can be challenged or reversed by other sorcerers.

Global Knowledge Production In The Social Sciences

Author: Dr Christian Ersche
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472426193
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Inan interesting book published in2007under the title of Ethnographic Sorcery,
social anthropologist Harry G. West confronts us with ascene from his fieldwork
experience in the Mueda plateau ofnorthern Mozambique which induces, for any
modern reader,a sense ofperplexity. In'return' for the help he had receivedfrom
the Mozambican Cultural Heritage Archives (ARPAC) while conducting
hisresearch, Harry West was asked 'to give something backto the institution' (
West 2007: 1) by ...

African Studies Review

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Misty L. Bastian Franklin & Marshall College Lancaster, Pennsylvania "But you
aren 't sorcerers, are you ?" I asked, rhetorically hoping to alleviate the tension
produced by my secondhand accusation. To my surprise, Chofer looked at me
pensively, although apparently unperturbed and unoffended. "I don 't know, " he
answered, earnestly. In Harry G. West's new and interestingly hybrid text,
Ethnographic Sorcery, there are many conundrums like the exchange above. The
puzzlement of ...

Sorcery Of Construction And Sorcery Of Ruin

Author: Harry G. West
Size: 29.72 MB
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... Aftermath 1 83 Insurgency and Counter-insurgency, Sorcery and Counter-
sorcery 188 Bridging Domains 192 IV: Cities Born in the Forest 1 97 Broken
Promises 199 NaziMoja 213 Sacred Ground 219 "Don't Tell Anyone, But I Was
Treated" 228 Government Sorcery 236 V: Tripping Up (Dis)Order 248 Tractors
Stuffed With Sorcerers' Bones 253 Buffaloes in the Villages 260 Humu Chissano
265 Ethnographic Sorcery? 268 Healing Modernity's Wounds 276 Chronology
281 Glossary Ill.

In Darkness And Secrecy

Author: Neil L. Whitehead
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822333456
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DIVEthnographic study of shamanism in lowland South America, analyzing the relations between the social, political, and historical dynamics of witchcraft and sorcery./div ""In Darkness and Secrecy "takes sectors of Amazonian ethnography to ...

Magic Ritual And Witchcraft

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Rodlach, Alexander. Witches, Westerners, and HIV: AIDS and Cultures of Blame
in Africa. Walnut Creek, Calif, 2006. Siegel, James T. Naming the Witch. Stanford,
Calif, 2006. Smith, S. A. "Talking Toads and Chinless Ghosts: The Politics of '
Superstitious' Rumors in the People's Republic of China, 1961-1965." American
Historical Review 111 (2006): 405-27. West, Harry G. Ethnographic Sorcery.
Chicago, 2007. Westerlund, David. African Indigenous Religions and Disease
Causation: ...

The Sorcerer S Burden

Author: Paul Stoller
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319318055
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This book emerges from the author's 35 years of research and thought about the Songhay people of Niger. This ethnographic novel follows the life of Omar Dia, the oldest son of a West African sorcerer.

Anthropology News

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Readers are drawn into a drama that both transcends and exemplifies
ethnography and ethnographic writing at its best. This year's runner-up is Harry G
West's Ethnographic Sorcery (2007). Like Tfavels with Tooy, this book builds
rhetorically and ethno- graphically on dialogues between West and his Muedan
consultants. West has already produced a more conventional ethnography,
Kupilikula: Governance and the Invisible Realm in Mozambique (2005), on which
he builds this ...

Human Rights And African Airwaves

Author: Harri Englund
Size: 31.82 MB
Format: PDF
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Reasonable Radicals and Citizenship in Botswana: The Public Anthropology of
Kalanga Elites. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. West, Harry G. 2005.
Kupilikula: Governance and the Invisible Realm in Mozambique. Chicago:
University of Chicago Press. . 2007. Ethnographic Sorcery. Chicago: University of
Chicago Press. White, Landeg. 1987. Magomero: Portrait of an African Village.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. .2oo7. “The Language and Practice of
Human Rights ...

Understanding Witchcraft And Sorcery In Southeast Asia

Author: C. W. Watson
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824815158
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E. PAUL DURRENBERGER While Treatment Of Misfortune is routine and
everyday, and, according to the Lisu scheme of things, some misfortunes are
caused by spirits and some by witchcraft or sorcery, accusations of witchcraft are
not common or ... I have documented the ethnographic basis for this system in
numerous writings over the past years, and I urge readers who are 47 Witchcraft,
Sorcery, Fortune, and Misfortune among Lisu Highlanders of Northern Thailand E
PAUL ...