Handbook Of Isoelectric Focusing And Proteomics

Author: David Edward Garfin
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780120887521
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Complete with the history of IEF focusing to authors' insights and practical tips, this book is a must for anyone working in proteomics. * Is the only current book available on the subject * Includes author insights and practical tips * Is ...

Veterinary Clinical Pathology

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Because identification of proteins provides a snapshot of the state of a cell or
tissue and because current technology is so sensitive, proteomics experiments
hold great promise for identifying disease states. Proteomics applications ...
Science. 2001;291:1304-1351. 6. Chimpanzee Sequencing Analysis Consortium
. Initial sequence of the chimpanzee genome and comparison with the human
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al. Genome ...

Solid State Sensors Actuators And Microsystems Workshop 2010

Author: David J. Monk
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This technology utilizes a novel twodimensional microfluidic architecture
photopattemed with polyacrylamide gel to yield polyacrylamide gel
electrophoresis (PAGE), transfer, and in-situ antibody-based immuno-detection.
... Capillary isoelectric focusing (IEF) was used to separate proteins, including
protein isoforrns [6]. However, in capillary ... system, which substantially benefits
automation of multi-stage assays by obviating cumbersome interfacing at each
channel junction [7].