Scientific Exploration Planetary Protection Active Experiments And Dusty Plasmas

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The gaseous electronic conference radio-frequency reference cell: a defined
parallel-plate radio-frequency system for experimental and theoretical studies of
plasma-producing discharges. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 65 (1), 140-154, 1994. Ichimaru,
S. Strongly coupled plasmas: high density classical plasmas and degenerate
electron liquids. Rev. Mod. Phys. 54, 1017-1059, 1982. Matthews, L.S., Hyde,
T.W. Gravitoeletrodynamics in Saturn's F ring: encounters with Prometheus and

Engineering Education

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54; testing, 17; wood, 124 Production: bacterial toxin, 79; devel., 209; devel. in
package, 160; & distribution sys. research, 64; engineering factors in forest
reserve, 26; environmental aspects of livestock, 26; ethanol, 71; harvesting &
handling of ... electrical, 171; high speed pulse, 1 88; of ice-water interface, 26;
materials, 214; of polymers, electric, 160; & structures, 124 Property: of a rapidly
solidified alloy, the mechanical, 130; of strong coupled coulomb systems, US
coop research on ...

International Aerospace Abstracts

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... near monotectic alloys [c29 A96-44757] The effect of convectivo instability on
coupled growth of hypermonotectic alloys [c24 A96-44758I MONTE CARLO
METHOD A coherent scattering model for forest canopies based on Monte Carlo
simulation of fractal generated trees |c43 A96-43177! Vector implementation of
nonlinear Monte Cario Coulomb collisions Ic75 A96-43248I MOONLETS An
automated search for moonlets orbiting about Asteroid Eros Ic89 A96-45764I

Energy Research Abstracts

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A maximum entropy solution for the underdetermined electromagnetic field within
a volume, 13:35347 (R;US) A model for insulated wires in the method of
moments code NEC [Numerical Electromagnetics Code], 13:34537 (R;US) A
survey of the ... and block-level systolic arrays for matrix-matrix multiplication, 13:
35538 (R;US) Energy and Technology Review, March 1988, 13:34656 (R;US)
Enhancement of modeling and image generation techniques for high-resolution
3-dimensional ...

Physics Briefs

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The system has a phase transition from a low-coupling phase with equally
spaced particles to a high-coupling phase with particles clustered into dipolar
pairs. An exact expression for the ... Fusion Res. 1, 51 (1986), the dominance of
convective heat transport in the core (r/a<0.4) of supershot plasmas has been
demonstrated in a new way. The transp J. Comput. Phys. 43, 61 (1981) transport
code was used to calculate the time-dependent particle and heat fluxes.
Perturbations in the ...