Indonesian Batik

Author: Sylvia Fraser-Lu
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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A vast archipelago noted for its varies, intricate and labour-intensive textile traditions. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Batik process 3. Traditional Batik clothing 4. Batik designs 5. Centres of Batik production 6. Condlusion.

Indonesian Batik Designs

Author: J. E. Jasper
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This stunning collection includes more than 200 of these highly stylized and often dramatic batik designs depicting florals, geometrics, winged creatures, and other fanciful images.

Batik Design

Author: Pepin van Roojen
Publisher: Pepin Press Editions
ISBN: 9789054960058
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Batik is one of the most prominent expressions of the cultural identity of the Malay world. This book traces the origins and development of the motifs and patterns used in the design of batik.

Batik Tie Dyeing Stenciling Silk Screen Block Printing

Author: Francis J. Kafka
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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Indonesian Woman Applying Wax (Courtesy, Republic of Indonesia Information
Office. New York City) Fig. 87b. Indonesian Batik Workers (Courtesy, Republic oi
Indonesia ln'Formation Office, New York City) Fig. 88. Necktie Design lnfluenced
by Batik century Javanese Batik. Figs. 87a and 87b show native Indonesian
women doing batik. Design for Batik The resist substance used in batik is a
mixture of beeswax and paraffin. This is applied to the design areas. The material
is dyed ...

Sustainability Through Innovation In Product Life Cycle Design

Author: Mitsutaka Matsumoto
Publisher: Springer
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Recently, due to the high demand, economic motives, and the effort to get
affordable raw materials for cost saving, many unsustainable common practices
are conducted by the SMEs during their production as the majority producers of
Indonesian batik. It occurs most especially due to several limitations and
challenges faced by the SMEs. This research provides ideas to improve batik
production by the SMEs with environmentally conscious designs and
sustainability through innovation ...

Chinese Indigo Batik Designs

Author: Lu Pu
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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93/8 x 121/4. 0-486-23979-9 TREASURY OF CHINESE DESIGN MOTIFS,
Joseph D'Addetta. 112pp. 83/8 x 111/4. 0-486-24167-X CHINESE DESIGNS
AND MOTIFS, Marty Noble. 80pp. 83/8 x 11. 0-486-42307-7 INDONESIAN BATIK
DESIGNS, J. Jasper. 64pp. 83/8 x 11. 0-486-44883-5 For current price
information write to Dover Publications, or log on to
—and see every Dover book in print. ISBN-13:978-0-486-45560-0 ISBN-10:0-
486-45560-2 45560 ...


Author: Janet Riehecky
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Clothing Most Indonesians wear clothing similar to North Americans. At festivals
and weddings, they may wear the traditional clothing of their region. Traditional
clothing often features batik designs. Indonesian batik cloth is world famous. To
make batik cloth, Indonesians create a design on cloth with hot wax. They then
dip the cloth into dye. The dye cannot cover the area under the wax. The pattern
sets into the cloth. Indonesians use batik cloth to make shirts, blouses, and

The Grove Encyclopedia Of Materials And Techniques In Art

Author: Gerald W. R. Ward
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195313917
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This practise probably predates the flourishing silk batik trade of the Tang period
(ad 618–907), through which batik textiles and techniques could have spread to
other parts of the world. However, the best-known batiks are produced in South-
east Asia, chiefly in Indonesia. Batik-like patterns are represented on the walls of
the Loro Longgrang Temple at Prambanan (c. ad 800) and also in sculpture.
There is an ancient tradition of rice paste resist batik cotton cloth (kain simbut) in
West ...

Handbook Of Occupational Dermatology

Author: Lasse Kanerva
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540640462
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Nurhayati (1997) Acacia Auriculiformis bark as batik processing dye. University of
Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia 6. Nea S (1970) Batik design materials
technique. Van Nostrand Reinhold Co, New York, pp 63-67 7. Soebono H et al. (
1995) Occupational dermatoses among batik workers. A preliminary report (in
Indonesian). Presented at the Indonesian Scientific Meeting of the on
Occupational Skin Disease, Jakarta, Indonesia 8. Hardyanto (1985) Morbidity of
skin diseases of ...