Author: Keith Russell Ablow, MD
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 142990111X
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Clevenger stayed up past midnight, finishing off his letter to Gabriel, aka the
Highway Killer: As a child I thought of killing him more than once. Is that killer still
inside me? No doubt. Though embryonic. And the more I can touch that unborn
part of me, the more I can feel the gut-level helplessness and rage my father's
violence spawned, the less likely it is to ever be born. I accept my pain. You
refuse yours. You describe feeling victorious “with blood in your mouth” because
you knew you ...

The London Journal

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Add now, Gladys, love, bereasonable and take a glass of wine to revive your
strength. See, dear! I will bring you the decanter and a. clean glass, and you shall
pour the wine out for yourself; and so your injurious suspicions may not deprive
you of a necesnry stimulant," said the lady, as she went. to bring the little tray
upon which the decanter and glass stood. "What!" said Gladys; “at your old tricks
again so soon, Mrs. Jay P” "Gladys! for shame! help yourself to the wine!" said the
lady ...

New York Mirror

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My lord Duke, I meant to frame a little ode in your praise, but Bourbon was killed !
Cellini.-Known to be sure it is. I killed him. Parmegiano.—You ! yes, you do every
o Why don't you lay claim to the shooting the Prince of Orange, too ! - Collins. ...
He ought to have died of the hurt, but he was fool enough to recover, and instead
of dying by a hand which would have made him famous in history, he has let
himself be knocked on the head at Florence by some nameless soldier; Bad taste
that ...

The Budayeen Cycle

Author: George Alec Effinger
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504047400
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He was reclining on cushions and drinking strong coffee from a golden cup. He
smiled when I came in. "My eyes live again, seeing you O my nephew," he said. I
could tell that he was genuinely pleased. "My days apart from you have been
filled with regret, O Shaykh," I said. He motioned, and I seated myself beside him.
He reached forward to tip coffee from the golden pot into my cup. I took a sip and
said, "May your table always be prosperous." "May Allah grant you health," he

Akzeptanz Und Commitment Therapie

Publisher: Junfermann Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3955712451
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Grundlagen der Akzeptanz- und Commitment-Therapie Die Akzeptanz- & Commitment-Therapie, kurz ACT, ist eine moderne Verhaltenstherapie.

The New York Mirror

Author: Samuel Woodworth
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Fortune has given him external power, and Nature mind. But he has a timidity of
purpose and an indirectness of action which must take all the zest, the elevation,
the conscious dignity of possessing either or Iwtth. No, 1 would not change with
the emperor. Prince of Orange. — Francis, then, unless you hate your former
sovereign for tlie wrongs he has done you, too much to envy him. Bourbon. — Oh
no. I do not hate him ; when we were both subjects, neither of us dreaming of the
crown ...

The Temperance Record

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If you think a word will please, Say it if it is bnt true ; Words may give delight with
ease When no act is asked from you. Words may often Sooth and soften, Gild a
joy or heal a pain ; They are treasures Yielding pleasures It is wickedto retain !
Whatsoe'er you find to do, Do it then with all your might ; Let your prayers be
strong and true — Prayer, my lad, will keep you right. Pray in all things, Great and
small things, Like a Christian gentleman ; And for ever, Now or never, Be as
thorough as ...


Publisher: Amok Books
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JASON (1): I love your foot. Your finely shaped toes. Your nails, glittering in all the
colors of the rainbow just like shells. Your pearly white heel. Your shiny skin. This
is the foot that should be fed with human blood. The foot that was made to walk
over human ... pure multiple rhythm, this courage breathing Combat and Victory,
overwhelms the soul of all those who, like me, are chained to the Universe,
unable to make a move. ... To kill those you love the most is the best information.
Only a ...


Author: Surazeus Astarius
ISBN: 1387283103
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You are just in time for her marriage with Satyrnos Emperor of distant Itlas so bow
low before all who ask questions and answer with honest words of your heart
then he opens gate and they file out to stand in line near large deep pond filled
by water from sparkling fountain. ... Crowds clamor reaching grails to catch blood
that flows with each gasp for fresh air he takes trying to resist howling sharp pain
that shoots into his head visions of terror so he struggles yanking hard on chains.

Neustart Im Kopf

Author: Norman Doidge
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593508397
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Der Psychologe Norman Doidge erklärt neueste Ergebnisse der Hirnforschung: Durch einfühlsam geschilderte Beispiele macht er sie für jedermann verständlich und nachvollziehbar." Deutschlandfunk