Media Convergence In Japan

Author: Various
Publisher: Kinema Club
ISBN: 9780692629956
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This volume examines issues of media consolidation, participatory culture and franchising in contemporary Japan, and explores how the Japanese media system is adapting to change in light of its tendency toward prioritizing domestic markets, ...

Media Convergence And Deconvergence

Author: Sergio Sparviero
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319512897
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The integrated network will provide various media services, such as data, audio
and video transfer (Jin & Cheng, 2015, pp. 10–11). China is not the only Asian
country carrying out such a media convergence plan. For instance, the Japanese
government initiated the “u-Japan” strategy in 2004, which aims at building a “
ubiquitous network society”—an information-technological environment that can
let people connect into the network anywhere and at any time (Wang, 2005). In
order to ...

Routledge Handbook Of Japanese Media

Author: Fabienne Darling-Wolf
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317422929
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1, pp. 130–50. Galbraith, P.W. and Karlin, J.G. 2012, 'Introduction: The Mirror of
Idols and Celebrity', in P.W. Galbraith and J.G. Karlin (eds), Idols and Celebrity in
Japanese Media Culture, pp. 1–32. Palgrave, New York. Galbraith, P.W. and
Karlin, J.G. 2016, 'Introduction: At the Crossroads of Media Convergence in
Japan', in P.W. Galbraith and J.G. Karlin (eds), Media Convergence in Japan, pp.
1–28. Kinema Club, Ann Arbor, MI. Gekiura, J. 2013, 'AKB48 Minegishi
Minamibōzu atama ...

Media Convergence Handbook Vol 2

Author: Artur Lugmayr
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642544878
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2.5 Culture-Specific Considerations The answers collected through this survey
on everyday media use in Denmark and Japan reveal similarities and differences
with regard to how the two regions perceive and use mobile phones and
televisions, and apprehend the convergence of the two technologies. In terms of
current technology use, it is not surprising that the Japanese access Internet,
check emails and use the phone's camera significantly more often than the
Danes do.

Global Media Convergence And Cultural Transformation Emerging Social Patterns And Characteristics

Author: Jin, Dal Yong
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1609600398
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He states that “cultural globalization does not justmean the spread of the same
products of Western (mostly American) origin all over the world through these
media conglomerates” (Iwabuchi, 2004, p.1). Rather, since the early 1990s,
Japanese media industries have developed successful strategies to enter the
booming Asian audiovisual market. The Japanese media industries appropriate
a hyperactive strategy that “indigenizes America” in their creation of media

Anime S Media Mix

Author: Marc Steinberg
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 081667549X
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Untangles the web of commodity, capitalism, and art that is anime

Transmedia Storytelling And The New Era Of Media Convergence In Higher Education

Author: Stavroula Kalogeras
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137388374
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the television genre and are skeptical of media-offered interpretations. In contrast
, people with low media literacy are in a 'mindless state' while viewing and do not
actively process messages (Potter 1998). However they can follow narratives,
understand editing techniques, and television grammar (Buckingham 1993). Also
, media-literate people can create their own digital stories and upload them onto
the Internet. Hinchey (2003) believes media literacy will become an element in ...

Introducing Japanese Popular Culture

Author: Alisa Freedman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131752893X
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The term media mix originates in marketing discourse of the 1960s, but in the
1980s it came to designate the anime and film franchising with which it is
currently associated. It names the entire phenomenon of transmedia storytelling
that Henry Jenkins (2006, 2014) and others have, in the North American context,
alternatively called “convergence culture,” or transmedia. Important questions of
a comparative nature arise here. Are there significant differences between the
terms “media ...

Mobilkommunikation In Japan

Author: Corinna Peil
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839417767
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Jenkins, Henry (2004): The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence. In:
International Journal of Cultural Studies 7, Nr. 1, 33-43. Jenkins, Henry (2006):
Convergence Culture. Where Old and New Media Collide. New York, London:
New York University Press. Kah, Volkmar (2005): „Mobile Publishing“. Mit SMS in
die Zukunft. In: journalist, Nr. 3, 44-46. Kaigo, Muneo (2003): „Hiding“ and „
Revealing“ the Digital Divide in Japan. In: Media Asia 30, Nr. 2, 77-84. Kanai,
Atsuko (2008): „Karoshi ...

The Smart Revolution Towards The Sustainable Digital Society

Author: Hitoshi Mitomo
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1784710040
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Along with his abundant works in Japanese, he has also published many English
articles including 'Media convergence policy in Japan: coping with multimedia' (
Keio Communications Review, 2000); and 'Cable Television and Government
Policy in Japan' (Telecommunications Policy, 1995). He has served in several
roles as a government committee member and chairperson including universal
service, cable television, and media convergence. He is also the former president
of the ...