Author: Shannon Lee Dawdy
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022635122X
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In Patina, anthropologist Shannon Lee Dawdy examines what was lost and found through the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

The Oxford Handbook Of The Archaeology Of The Contemporary World

Author: Paul Graves-Brown
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191663956
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In preparation. Patina: A Profane Archaeology ofRomantic Things [to be
submitted to Princeton University Press]. Drehs, Wayne. 2009. For Some Fans,
Cubs are an Undying Love. ESPN Chicago. 23 April. Available at: <http://sports. &id=4090319> (
accessed 2 January 2013). Farrell, James J. 1980. Inventing the American Way
ofDeath. Philadelphia: I am grateful for the suggestions and gentle chides of Paul
Graves-Brown, ...

Ancient West East

Author: Gocha R. Tsetskhladze
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004141766
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The reuse of its former site did not begin immediately, but there may at first have
been obstacles in the way of this; it may still have been regarded as sacred and
also its greater elevation may have been ill-suited to profane use. By far the
richest and most varied class of material published here is the ... His left arm is
not fully preserved, but the patina of the outer edge of the upper arm may suggest
that it held a shield. The top of his head-dress has been lost since its discovery;
was it the ...

Sacrificial Landscapes

Author: David R. Fontijn
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1200 to 500 B.C., Oxford (British Archaeological Reports International Series 483
(ii)), 304-320. Barrett, J.C. 1991. Towards an archaeology of ritual. In: P. Garwood
/D. Jennings/R. Skeates/J. Toms (eds), Sacred 'and Profane. Proceedings of a
Conference on Archaeology, Ritual and Religion, Oxford, 1-9. Barrett, J.C. 1994.
Fragments from Antiquity. An Archaeology of Social Life in Britain, 2900-1200 BC
, Cambridge (Social Archaeology). Barrett, J.C. 1998. The politics of scale and
the ...

Bronze And The Bronze Age

Author: Martyn Barber
Publisher: Tempus Pub Limited
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'The Bronze Age in Central and Eastern Europe: advances and prospects".
Advances in World Archaeology 2, 1-50. Hawkes, C.F.C. 1931. 'Hillforts', Antiquity
5, 60-97. Hawkes, C.F.C. 1940. The Prehistoric Foundations of Europe to the
Mycenaean Age. Methuen and Co. Ltd. London. Hawkes, J. and C.F.C., 1943.
Prehistoric Britain. Pelican. Harmonds worth. Herbert, E.W. 1984. Red Gold of
Africa. Copper in Precolouial History and Culture. University of Wisconsin Press.

From Stone To Bronze

Author: Helle Vandkilde
Publisher: Aarhus Universitetsforlag
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Independent data on find contexts and patina verify that single finds and hoards
were primarily deposited in wet places, since it could be shown that between 60
% and 96% of the finds were originally from wetlands. Further ... temperate
Europe, and in the archaeological literature the question 'sacred or profane' has
been intensively debated since the early days of archaeology (e.g. Stein 1976;
Levy 1982; Kubach 1985; Bradley 1990; Taylor 1993 with references; Karsten

The Art Quarterly

Author: Wilhelm Reinhold Valentiner
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Mostly, those who stroke it are simple peasant folk who have come to the new
metropolis from the countryside and their touch (even of so profane an object)
may fairly be considered an act of piety. So too, with the handling of mirrors. Even
the modern Chinese of archaeological inclinations believes in the sanctity of
graves from which, however roundabout the way or however long ago, most of
the ancient mirrors have come. Some examples may never have been buried, but
rather ...

Musikarch Ologische Quellengruppen

Author: International Study Group on Music Archaeology. Symposium
ISBN: 9783896466457
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Juni 2002, und andere Beiträge International Study Group on Music Archaeology
. ... Möglich, daß die hier rekonstruierten Intervalle eine profane Musiktradition
oder Volksmusiktradition kennzeichnen 35. ... ZUR FUNKTION DER LAUTE ALS
GRABBEIGABE Aufgrund der Spielspuren, die auf einen Plektrum- gebrauch
zurückgeführt werden können, und der Patina im bebundeten Stielbereich sowie
des durch Spielgebrauch abgenutzten Pllektrums kann man davon ausgehen,
daß das ...

The Uganda Journal

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Much of the archaeology on iron working in the lacustrine region was done under
the direction of Peter Schmidt (1978). Schmidt challenges the Cwezi ... The fusion
of the spiritual power of the Cwezi "demigods" and their mediums with the local
secular authority of chiefs and warlords create an indivisible mix of sacred and
profane power. This fusion can be seen in ... in society" (Karp 1989). It is not
merely the masking of secular authority with a patina of spirituality, but a
commingling ...

Tribal Art

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... patina H: 38.1 cm. Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, 1990.14.115. Gift of Rod
McGalliard MUSEUMm',<'.s- picture of five centuries of European exploration and
xpansion through a display of antique maps of Africa. African Pathways to
Urbanism: Photographs by Peter Schmidt provided a photographic portrayal of
ancient urban centers in the Horn of Africa as seen through the eyes of Schmidt,
a University of Florida professor of anthropology, who has been conducting
archaeological ...