Modern Technology Of Perfumes Flavours And Essential Oils 2nd Edition

Author: Niir Board
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One of the features of Buddhist ritual was the use of incense;* and this was the
first time in Japanese history that perfume had entered into the life of the people.
Dr. Teikichi Hiraizumi, at one time president of the Japan Perfumery and
Flavouring Association, has written authoritatively on the Ancient Art of Incense in
Japan. He recalls how, in the 11th century, the 'incense competition', a kind of
game using incense, became popular. This was a game in which interested
persons got ...

Intersecting Tango

Author: Adriana J. Bergero
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre
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The semantics of perfumes brought about shifts of identity in bourgeois
imaginaries. Perfumes enhanced notions of intimacy and the idea of women
whose bodies were "caressable": exotic, pantherlike beings who belonged
somewhere other than the everyday world and its opaque routines. In bourgeois
morality, "to arouse desire without betraying modesty was a basic rule of the
game of love" (Corbin 1986, 129). The seductiveness of perfume was therefore
perfect for a game to be ...

River Of Perfumes

Author: Michael Stokey
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If someone mentioned a little shanty bar in the middle of nowhere, Bumper
described it because he had been there. Bumper was a rambler, what they called
hep, with the roguish airs of being one step ahead of the guys with the girls—and
one step ahead of the law. Following Bumper's lead, everybody climbed the
fence at North Hollywood High School. It was an odd collection of guys and
saucy girls, and Jake and Sonny always tagged along. The game was slowpitch
softball and ...

The Little Book Of Perfumes

Author: Luca Turin
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1847657591
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Chanel's 31 does not play games, try to seduce, or attempt to be modern.
Perhaps the real precursor of 31 is that flawed masterpiece, Yves Saint Laurent's
Champagne. Champagne too was a soft, fruity chypre, but its brassy, plangent
treatment of the theme suggested the decadence of a once-great lineage. By
contrast, 31 shows that in the higher reaches of art, time is suspended. One of the
ten greats of all time, and precious proof that perfumery is not yet dead. LT In the
press pack ...


Author: Luca Turin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440634130
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LT 31 Rue Cambon (Chanel) ( ) floral ambery I cannot remember the last time, if
ever, a perfume gave me such an instantaneous impression of ravishing beauty
at first sniff. There is an affecting softness, a gentle grace to 31 that beggars belief
. Such a classical masterpiece must, by definition, be standing on the shoulders
of giants, and identifying them can be a compelling game. At times 31 brings to
mind the old Chant d'Arômes, before Guerlain messed with it ...


Author: Peter M. Müller
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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game. —. all. the. more. so. when. experience. leads. to. success. which. in. turn.
leads. to. pleasure. One idea often leads to another. Even the most insignificant
detail can trigger an initial association of an idea, which then induces a second
and a third idea creating a chain of association of ideas. This gives the creative
mind the impulse needed to transform his pretext into a masterpiece. Elements of
chance may step into this chain either to boost it or set it off in another direction.

The Value S Of Literature

Author: James S. Hans
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791402061
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It takes a considerable act of self-control on Whitman's part to keep from being
overwhelmed by the "perfumes" and "rooms" of the social world, but he realizes
that he would lose something great if his world were reduced to nothing more
than these social fragrances. At the same time, Whitman also recognizes the
nature of the social world, most tellingly here by speaking of it in terms of a "game
." Like a game, society is built up out of arbitrary rules, conventions that are
accepted as ...

The Game Of Destiny Fortune Telling With Lenormand Cards

Author: Mario Dos Ventos
ISBN: 1847531091
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Love Perfume A more personalized version of the above Love Drawing Oil is to
use the client's favourite perfume and to infuse it with 1 small piece each of
Liquorice Root, Palo Abre Camino and Palo Amanza Guapo. The perfume
should be allowed to rest for 21 days before it can be used. All 3 ingredients can
be left in the bottle until it runs out. More perfume can be added if need be.
Money Drawing Oil This Oil should be prepared in either a green or brown glass
bottle. Jojoba Oil or ...

Scents And Sensibility

Author: Catherine Maxwell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191005207
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Used by Eliot, it suggests a fear of being intellectually and perhaps poetically
overwhelmed in an environment oppressively redolent of the past: In vials of ivory
or coloured glass Unstoppered, lurked her strange synthetic perfumes, Unguent,
powdered, or liquid—troubled, confused And drowned the sense in odours;
stirred by the air That freshened from the window, these ascended In fattening the
prolonged candle-flames, [...].” Although A Game of Chess starts with an ironic
echo of ...

The Serious Game

Author: Egil Törnqvist
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9048523672
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Oh, what a lovely smell of violets! julie. coquettishly. Cheeky! So you know about
perfumes, too! What was meant as a rebuke is turned into an erotic invitation. In
passing we are informed that the handkerchief is moistened with a violet-scented
perfume. Julie's handkerchief-flipping is an early example of the combination
between power manifestation and erotic enticement characterising her in the
early part of the play. When Jean later states that the “handkerchief was dirty
even though ...