Expanding Boundaries Systems Thinking In The Built Environment

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In self-cleaning glasses, thin TiO2 coatings exhibit photocatalytic and hydrophilic
properties as shown in figures 9 and 10 [3][7]. Another advantage of this process
is reduction in the lighting cost due to the fact that daylight is less obscured by
surface dirt. In addition to selfcleaning, the surfaces also exhibit antimicrobial,
antifogging and air-purification properties. So any advances in this field not only
saves energy and labour costs, but could also aid reduce hazardous substances
and ...

Essentials In Nanoscience And Nanotechnology

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The photocatalytic and antimicrobial properties are used in “self-cleaning
products (e.g., windows, cement, tiles, and textiles for use in hospitals) and air
purification systems. Use of tribological coatings prevents deposits in engines
and enhances fuel efficiency. TiO2 nanoparticles are also used to increase
scratch resistance of coatings and in the production of electronic components
and dental impressions. TiO2 can also be used in dye-sensitized solar cells to
produce electricity, ...

Nano Materials

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In addition to the self-cleaning properties, photocatalysis can also be used to
achieve air-purifying, water- purifying as well as antimicrobial properties. An
interesting application, which has already been implemented in experimental
prototype form, is the exploitation of the cooling effect of evaporating water. The
canvas and steel roofing as well as the windows of a trade fair pavilion in Japan (
Expo 2005, Aichi, Nagakute area) were equipped with a photocatalytic Ti02
coating and ...

Emerging Nanotechnology Power

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the nanometer-sized polymers prepared by microwave-assisted symmetry break-
up of polymer thin films display exceptional antimicrobial properties compared to
TiO2 film. The nanotextured surface also exhibit hydrophobic and self-cleaning
properties (Fig. 2b). A company sponsored research had successfully developed
a new process for preparing nanotextured TiO2 on large area surfaces for
application in sanitary coatings. Entrapping photoactive TiO2 within the silica
network of ...

Oxide Semiconductors For Solar Energy Conversion

Author: Janusz Nowotny
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TABLE 8.1 Applications of Titanium Dioxide Application Performance-Related
Properties Photocatalytic water purification (detoxification High photoreactivity
with water and organic and disinfection) compounds in water
Photoelectrochemical generation of hydrogen fuel by water splitting High
photoreactivity with light and water Resistance to corrosion and photocorrosion in
aqueous environments Pigments (paints, plastics, paper, cosmetics) White color,
brightness, and opacity UV skin ...


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Pathogens can cause disease by infecting the food, water, and air that people eat
, drink, and breathe. The development of nanoscale materials for use as ...
Studies evaluating the effects of nanoscale silver, fullerenes, titanium dioxide,
and carbon nanotubes have identified antimicrobial properties. These types of
nanoscale particles are now being tested and ... development for a variety of day-
to-day operations. Commercialization of products such as self-cleaning glasses,
disinfectant ...

Chemical Abstracts

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with good hygroscopicity and washfastness and their manuf. for, 126: P
239608111 bedding (no datav; porous material -coated fabric covering sheets
with high moisture absorption properties for, 128: Р 46410 n-type semiconductor-
contg. übers ... 183: P 209532)' oxidn. and crosslinking оГсе1101озе—соп13.
übrous materials for paper products having high wet and dry strength, 134: Р
354735с ozone cleaner for bedding, having ozone and neg. ion generator and
optionally heater to ...

Australian Journal Of Chemistry

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Titanium dioxide has been extensively studied for environmental remediation
applications, such as the purification of air!”] and water," antibacterial activity,"
and self-cleaning coatings." These applications rely on the photoactive properties
of TiO2. Much research has been conducted in an attempt to improve the
photocatalytic activity of titania by changing the bulk electronic properties or
modifying the surface properties of the material.” For example, both the
introduction of energy ...

Aerobiological Engineering Handbook

Author: Wladyslaw Kowalski
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Ortiz, L., Jose, E., and Jacoby, W. A. (2002). “Microfibrous mesh coated with
titanium dioxide: A selfsterilizing, self-cleaning filter.” JAir Waste Manage Assoc
52(10):1206–1213. Peral, J., Domenech, X., and Ollis, D. F. (1997). “
Heterogeneous photocatalysis for purification, decontamination, and
deodorization of air.” J Chem Technol Biotechnol 70:117–140. Raupp, G. B., and
Junio, C. T. (1993). “Photocatalytic oxidation of oxygenated air toxics.”Appl Surf
Sci 72:321–327. Raupp, G. B. ...