Expanding Boundaries Systems Thinking In The Built Environment

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In self-cleaning glasses, thin TiO2 coatings exhibit photocatalytic and hydrophilic
properties as shown in figures 9 and 10 [3][7]. ... In addition to selfcleaning, the
surfaces also exhibit antimicrobial, antifogging and air-purification properties.

Design Of Advanced Photocatalytic Materials For Energy And Environmental Applications

Author: Juan M. Coronado
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Basic Applied k l . research research I}; Pmwtype \ entry / 1r Self-cleaning Air
purification Water treatment - a ' Water splitting 1H2 ... An example of product
especially designed for antibacterial, antiviral or antifungal properties is the anti
—flu suit from Haruyama Trading Co. ... TX Active self-cleaning and pollution-
mitigating cement from Italcementi Group or the photocatalytic coating material
Folium® from ...


Author: Dionysios D. Dionysiou
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Chapter 7 Photocatalytic Purification and Disinfection of Air Alexander Vorontsov
7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 Introduction ... Rapid Testing of Self-Cleaning
Photocatalytic Activity 8.3.3 Photocatalytic Antibacterial Activity Semiconductor
Doping and TiO2/SiO2 Composites 8.4.1 Self-Cleaning Activity 8.4.2
Antireflective Properties 8.4.3 Metal Doped Coatings Semiconductor Hybrids and
Future Materials ...

Self Cleaning Materials And Surfaces

Author: Walid A. Daoud
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photocatalytic self-cleaning surface functionalization are discussed, focusing on
recent key developments, limitations ... Later, the use of photocatalysis in the
removal of pollutants blossomed, particularly in the treatment of wastewater and
air pollution. ... Until the 1990s, when researchers started to turn their attention to
the concept of photo-induced self-purification ... Three years later, scientists
discovered the photocatalytic antimicrobial property of titanium dioxide-coated
materials, ...

Processing Properties And Design Of Advanced Ceramics And Composites Ii

Author: Narottam P. Bansal
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... method for antialgal activity of semiconducting photocatalytic materials ISO
22197-1 (2007) Test methods for air purification performance ... for antibacterial
activity of semiconducting photocatalytic materials ISO 27448 (2009) Test method
for self-cleaning performance of ... of water contact angle WG10:Coatings ISO
14604 (2012) Methods of test for ceramic coatings - Determination of fracture
strain ISO ...

Proceedings Of The Third Asia Pacific Conference On Sustainable Energy And Environmental Technologies Hong Kong 3 6 December 2000

Author: Xijun Hu
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On the applications front, efforts have been made to make use of TiO2 for both
water and air purification. ... Self-cleaning surfaces in various forms, including
TiO2-coated tiles, window glass, wallpaper, lampshades and lamp cover ... In
addition to photocatalytic properties, TiO2 films have exhibited extreme
photoinduced hydrophilicity as well as amphiphilic surface ... In general,
antibacterial reagents inactivate cell viability, but pyrogenic and toxic ingredients
such as endotoxins remain ...

Oxide Semiconductors For Solar Energy Conversion

Author: Janusz Nowotny
Publisher: CRC Press
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... Dioxide Application Performance-Related Properties Photocatalytic water
purification (detoxification High photoreactivity with water ... of air pollution Self-
cleaning coatings of building materials Strong oxidizing properties
Superhydrophilic coatings of glass Superhydrophilic effects Antifogging coatings
of glass Superhydrophilic effects Antiseptic coatings of sanitary areas
Antimicrobial effect Lasers High ...

Smart Clean Surfaces

Author: Swapan Kumar Ghosh
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This first book to discuss in detail the applied field of photocatalytic and lotus effect coatings is an essential guide for anyone working in the paints and coatings industry.