Serous Effusions

Author: Ben Davidson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Featuring multiple microscopic illustrations of all diagnostic entities and ancillary techniques (immunhistochemistry and molecular methods), this book provides a comprehensive, authoritative guide to all aspects of serous effusions, ...

Injuries Of The Eye

Author: Harry Vanderbilt Würdemann
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C. Ophthalmia nodosa — Etiology and mechanism — Course — Diagnosis
PrognosisTherapy. D. Injuries by blunt objects — Conjunctival ecchymosis —
Hematoma — Serous effusion — Edema — Chemosis — Emphysema.

Textbook Of Critical Care

Author: Jean-Louis Vincent
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437715680
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Differential Diagnosis of Pleural Effusions in Critically Ill Patients Differential
Diagnosis of Pleural Effusions in Critically ... rate Chest pain following
sclerotherapy with large sclerosant volume, effusion appears by 48-72 h
Depends on cause Severe ... left lower lobe atelectasis, elevation of left
hemidiaphragm Pleural Fluid Analysis Serous, nucleated cells <1000/μL, ... to
weeks Requires no specific therapy, effusions resolve as ARDS resolves With
early diagnosis, prognosis good with ...

Excerpta Medica Section 5 General Pathology And Pathological Anatomy

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... cytology, diagnosis, leukemia, lung cancer, ovary cancer, prognosis, 1523 -
chronic lymphatic leukemia, effusion, ... diagnosis, etiology, peritoneum cancer,
1691 pleura effusion, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, kaposi sarcoma,
adult, ... serous effusion, carcinoembryonic antigen, concanavalin a, diagnosis,
histochemistry, ulex europaeus, 548 - ascites fluid, ... autopsy. death, diagnosis,
drug therapy, histology, metastasis, side effect, therapy, 385 - lung development,
autopsy, ...

Excerpta Medica Section 15 Chest Diseases Thoracic Surgery And Tuberculosis

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pleura drainage, lung perforation, thoracostomy, tube, aged, autopsy, side effect,
1 143 - pleura effusion, animal ... 2309 - cancer immunology, diagnosis,
histochemistry, immunocytochemistry. monoclonal antibody, serous effusion,
2073 ... echography, fetus, lung hypoplasia, autopsy, newborn, therapy, 1427 -
coughing, pleura disease, diagnosis, etiology, 874 ... tetracycline, adult,
diagnosis. forecasting, survival, 1614 - pleura drainage, animal model,
bronchopleural fistula, dog, 374 ...

Henry S Clinical Diagnosis And Management By Laboratory Methods

Author: Richard A. McPherson
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455726842
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Body fluids: laboratory examination of amniotic, cerebrospinal, seminal, serous
and synovial fluids. ... Although not of much assistance in diagnosing the cause
of an effusion, eosinophilia appears to be independently ... Pleural fluid pH
measurement has the highest diagnostic accuracy in assessing the prognosis of
parapneumonic (pneumoniarelated) effusions (Heffner, 1995). A parapneumonic
exudate with a pH greater than 7.30 generally resolves with medical therapy

The Fetus As A Patient 87

Author: Kazuo Maeda
ISBN: 9780444809414
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The fetus as a patient '87 K. Maeda. editor 353 NON-IMMUNOLOGICAL
HYDROPS FETALIS - CAUSES AND ... of a fetus with generalized soft-tissue
edema (anasarka) , facultatively associated with serous effusions within the
peritoneum, pericardium or/and pleural cavity. ... At the same time it is possible to
establish other criteria for the diagnosis, prognosis and eventually pre- and/or
postpartal therapy.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Author: Carol M. Rumack
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The prognosis remains poor, and it is frustrating to note that in a significant
number of cases an etiology is never firmly established. ... It is apparent that in
some fetuses with cardiac disease, anemias, and possibly some viral infections,
the prospect for effective therapy exists. ... emerge and include the following: □
Serous effusions Ascites Pericandid effusions Pleural effusions □ Subcutaneous
edema ...

Excerpta Medica Section 6 Internal Medicine

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chronic lymphatic leukemia, desmopressin, thrombocyte, von willebrand disease,
von willebrand factor. diagnosis, etiology, 390 ... mexiletine, procainamide
propafenone, propranolol, quinidine, tocainide, diagnosis, drug classification,
drug therapy, ... myelofibrosis, reticulin, diagnosis, 1453 - ascites, pleura effusion,
serous effusion, cytochemistry, cytology, diagnosis, 679 ... diagnosis, histology,
prognosis, survival time, 359 - albumin, globulin, hypogammaglobulinemia, liver
cirrhosis, ...

Abeloff S Clinical Oncology E Book

Author: John E. Niederhuber
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455728810
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TARGETED THERAPY The central role of VEGF in the development of malignant
ascites has made it a viable option for targeted therapies. ... The most common
cause of pericardial effusion in the Western world is cancer.83,84 A cancer-
related pericardial ... When diagnosed, the presence of pericardial involvement
heralds advanced cancer and a poor prognosis. ... It consists of an outer fibrous
cover and an inner serous sac that has both a visceral layer that directly overlies
the heart ...