Serous Effusions

Author: Ben Davidson
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Featuring multiple microscopic illustrations of all diagnostic entities and ancillary techniques (immunhistochemistry and molecular methods), this book provides a comprehensive, authoritative guide to all aspects of serous effusions, ...

Gastroenterologische Zytopathologie

Author: Jürgen Schubert
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
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ThaparM, Mishra K, Sharma A, Goyal V, Goyal V. Critical analysis of cell block
versus smear examination in effusions. J Cytol 2009,26,60–64. ColliA ... Serous
Effusions. Etiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy. Springer 2012, 105–144.

A System Of Practical Medicine Comprised In A Series Of Original Dissertations Dissertations On Nervous Diseases By J Hope J C Prichard J H Bennett R H Taylor T Thomson

Author: Alexander Tweedie
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Anatomical characters.-Predisposing causes.—Exciting causes.- Diagnosis.-
Prognosis.-Treatment. The above term (from £8wp water, and xsoaxi, the head)
was formerly applied to serous effusions, occurring either in the scalp external to
the ...

The American Eclectic Practice Of Medicine

Author: Ichabod Gibson Jones
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LECTURE LXIII. Diuresis : Preliminary Remarks ; Definition ; Excessive Secretion
, or Diabetes Insipidus; Treatment. Diabetes ... Angina Pectoris: Symptoms;
Neuralgic Character; Causes; Peculiar Affection; Diagnosis; Prognosis;
Treatment, - . ... Dropsy : Definition ; Two General Forms, — Serous and Fibrinous
; Serous Dropsy most Common ; Fluid described ; Its Origin ; Condition of the
Blood ; Provisions of Nature to Prevent and Remove Dropsical Effusions ; Test of

Textbook Of Critical Care

Author: Jean-Louis Vincent
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437715680
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Differential Diagnosis of Pleural Effusions in Critically Ill Patients Differential
Diagnosis of Pleural Effusions in Critically ... rate Chest pain following
sclerotherapy with large sclerosant volume, effusion appears by 48-72 h
Depends on cause Severe ... left lower lobe atelectasis, elevation of left
hemidiaphragm Pleural Fluid Analysis Serous, nucleated cells <1000/μL, ... to
weeks Requires no specific therapy, effusions resolve as ARDS resolves With
early diagnosis, prognosis good with ...

A System Of Practical Medicine Comprised In A Series Of Original Dissertations

Author: Alexander Tweedie
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Conditions of the system under which dropsical effusions arise. ... Prognosis of
dropsy. ... Nature, symptoms, and causes. — Dropsy following scarlet fever. —
Treatment of general dropsy — of acute or febrile dropsy — of chronic general
dropsy — of the renal form of chronic general ... Dropsy, strictly defined, consists
in the accumulation of a preternatural quantity of watery or serous liquid in some
one or ...

A Dictionary Of Practical Medicine

Author: James Copland
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Comprising Special Pathology, the Principles of Therapeutics, the Nature and
Treatment of Diseases, Morbid Structures, and ... CHOREA — Diagnosis
PrognosisCauses. rheumatism and cardiac disease, some writers sap* pose
that it hag been ... and congestion, inflammatory action, ianpuineous and serous
effusions, or ossific and calcareous deposits, in various parts of the brain and
spinal chord.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Its Complications With Special Reference To Diagnosis And Treatment

Author: Sherman Grant Bonney
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While I am not prepared to deny with posi- tivcness that some slight modification
of the level of the effusion may be detected in ... mobility of percussion outlines is,
as a rule, exceedingly slight, and rarely constitutes a factor of especial diagnostic
value. ... Serous effusions are the only ones likely to be absorbed or not to re-
accumulate after aspiration. ... the characteristics of a purulent effusion, and
become subject to the principles of prognosis and treatment applicable to