Stonehenge A New Understanding

Author: Mike Parker Pearson
Publisher: The Experiment
ISBN: 1615191941
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Despite its being one of prehistory’s most alluring landmarks, before the Stonehenge Riverside Project led by noted archeologist Mike Parker Pearson, only half of Stonehenge itself—and far less of its surroundings—had ever been ...

Traveller S Companion To The West Country

Author: Michael Jenner
ISBN: 9781854718266
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suggested that the natives of Avebury were conscripted as slave labour to
transport and prepare the stones. ... the realm of speculation, and it would be a
shame to have to view Stonehenge as our first monument to human exploitation.
... control of the common destiny and asserting regional authority along with new
and impressive forms of cultural expression. ... relics of the Neolithic and Bronze
Age in the West Country survived along with the greater works of Avebury and
Stonehenge ...


Author: George Terence Meaden
Publisher: Souvenir Pr Ltd
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For the experience of Stonehenge was but one aspect of the grand spiritual fabric
of the age, repeated and adored universally ... Understanding key factors of their
religion leads us into the British New Stone Age, where we find the chief ideas
symbolised and ... But before then, in the fourth millennium bc, another kind of
field monument had appeared. ... It is the solution to this little-known but
substantial problem that leads to Stonehenge and the unravelling of its primary

Stonehenge A Closer Look

Author: Bonnie Gaunt
Publisher: Random House Value Pub
ISBN: 9780517383988
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a search for the origin and purpose of Stonehenge--its amazing correlation with
the Great Pyramid, the New Jerusalem, and the universe Bonnie Gaunt ... It
stands unique among all the stone monuments of ancient man. What was it?
What was its ... Historians, archaeologists, astronomers, and the just plain curious
have sought for centuries to solve its mysteries. ... Yet, silent as they are, if we
listen, they cry out to be heard, they beg for our attention and plead for our

Man Myth Magic

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Britain is particularly rich in these monuments, including the grandest of them all,
Stonehenge, and it is investigation of British ... placed inside a deep ditch and a
massive earth bank of chalk, which would have gleamed a brilliant white when it
was new. ... Not many miles away, at Stonehenge, the biggest megaliths not only
stand up to 30ft high and weigh up to 50 tons ... The obstacle to acceptance of the
theory, however, was that archeologists could not credit barbarous Stone Age ...

Radio Times

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Dr. Glyn Daniel (left) and Professor Stuart Piggott studying a model of
Stonehenge, used in one of the “Buried Treasure * last ... houses of Ireland (
including New Grange and Lough Gur), Stonehenge, Tollund Man, and the Abbé
Breuil and Stone Age art. ... to our understanding of early Malta, and Captain
Gracie, R.N., a keen amateur archaeologist who has spent a long time in Malta. ...
The programme will suggest a solution to the mystery of the cart-ruts, and the
dating of the Temples.

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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Yet the deepest mysteries remain unsolved, and you are engaged in probing
some of these secrets, to help solve the dark ... has yet to discover how to survive
in the greatest depths of the sea, and so its deepest mysteries remain
undiscovered, ... of the men who built the circle of stones in England, at
Stonehenge, perhaps as an observatory, perhaps as a temple, but ... to disprove
it—then that huge and mute circle of stones on England's lonely moor stands as a
monument to the power ...