Tables Of Spectral Lines Of Neutral And Ionized Atoms

Author: A. R. Striganov
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But as the spectra of highly ionized atoms have been studied in the laboratory, these values have been determined more precisely, and we have striven to incorporate them in the American edition of the book.


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HYDRCGEN - spectra of, tables 1 i nés cf eiri ssi cr ICNS - book: Tables of
Spectral Lines of Neutral and Ionized Atoms IRCN; IRCN ICNS; KRYPTON;

Wavelengths And Transition Probabilities For Atoms And Atomic Ions

Author: United States. National Bureau of Standards
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These tables were prepared under the auspices of the Committee on Line
Spectra of the Elements of the National Academy of Sciences — National
Research Council. They contain the outstanding spectral lines of neutral (I),
singly ionized (II), ...

Excitation Of Atoms And Broadening Of Spectral Lines

Author: Igor I. Sobel'man
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For this second edition several sections and formulas have been substantially revised, the tables recalculated using the updated version of ATOM and recent progress in the field has been added.


Author: Anne Thorne
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Tables of spectral lines and atomic energy levels have been compiled for as long
as spectroscopic wavelength ... critical compilation of wavelengths of the stronger
lines of neutral atoms and ions up to four stages of ionization for all elements ...

Principles Of Plasma Diagnostics

Author: I. H. Hutchinson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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It was, of course, the study of these spectral lines that originally led to the
formation of the quantum theory of atoms. ... justified for neutral atoms and for
simpler atomic systems with only a few electrons, to assume that spectral
structure is known ... It is not so well justified for highly ionized ... identify, by
reference to tables of known spectral lines, the atomic species and transition that
emits an observed line.

Tables Of Spectral Line Intensities

Author: William Frederick Meggers
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tion is taken, but there is no evidence that the relative intensities of lines in any
particular spectrum of a given element are thereby greatly changed. ... to
influence discharge conditions they reduce the intensity of other spectra,
especially those characteristic of ionized atoms. ... v and that the strongest lines
of singly ionized atoms generally have shorter wavelengths than those of neutral
atoms, nearly half ...


Author: Martin A. Uman
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They calculated that the fraction of ionized atoms and molecules was of the order
of 5 X 10-4, a result apparently much in error (see Sec. 5.5.2 for ... The strong-
excitation spectrum is characterized by strong ion lines and by weak neutral lines
and weak or absent bands; the very weak excitation ... was due exclusively to
spectral lines from neutral oxygen and nitrogen, and he provided a table of those

Spectral Line Shapes

Author: Marco Antonio Gigosos
Publisher: American Inst. of Physics
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Experimental Stark Widths and Shifts for Spectral Lines of Neutral and Ionized
Atoms (A Critical Review of Selected Data ... Data tables containing the selected
experimental Stark broadening parameters are presented with estimated