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(West) Laws of the Republic of Texas <year> Repub. Tex. Laws <page no.>
Session laws passed before 1941 must be cited according to the exact title, e.g.,
Tex. Loc. & Spec. Laws, Tex. Gen. & Spec. Laws, and Tex. Gen. Laws. The
Revised Statutes were enacted and published separately in 1879, 1895, 1911,
and 1925 and should be cited as <year>Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. xxx. The Code of
Criminal Procedure and Penal Code were enacted and published separately in
1856, 1879, 1895, ...

Legal Citation In A Nutshell

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Citing State Statutory Subject-Matter Codes Some state statutory collections (e.g.,
those in California, New York, and Texas) are organized into individual subject-
matter codes. These subject-matter codes are cited as follows: Cal. Penal Code §
12022.1 (West 2015). N.Y. Lab. Law § 460 (McKinney 2015). Tex. Educ. Code
Ann. § 54.052 (West 2012). 46 3. UNIFORMSTATE LAWS The National
Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Laws is responsible for
encouraging the ...

Tort Law Desk Reference A Fifty State Compendium 2016 Edition

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Perry, 973 S.W.2d at 305–09 (listing factors and noting that the Texas Supreme
Court only once had imposed negligence per se without a pre-existing common
law duty on the same subject). See Riley v. Industrial Fin. Serv. Co., 302 S.W.2d
652, 655 (Tex. 1957). See Riley v. Industrial Fin. Serv. Co., 302 S.W.2d 652, 655 (
Tex. 1957); Landers v. East Tex. Salt Water Disposal Co., 248 S.W.2d 731, 734 (
Tex. 1952). Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 33.013(b)(1) (West 2010). See Hardy

Criminal Justice Essentials

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Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., The Common Law, as cited in Morissette v. United
States, 342 U.S. 246, 252 (1952). Texas Penal Code, Chapter 6, Sections 6.02-
6.03 (2013). People v. Jensen, 586 N.W.2d 748 (Mich. App. 1998). The statute is
MCLS, Section 333.5210 (2014). Smallwood v. State, 680 A.2d 512 (Md. 1996).
For a discussion of the classical and neoclassical schools, see Sue Titus Reid,
Crime and Criminology, 14th ed. (New York: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business,
2015), pp.

Criminal Procedure

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Texas allows three days, excluding the date of issuance and the date of
execution, Vernon's Ann. Texas C.C.P. Art. 18.07, whereas California allows ten,
West's Ann. Cal. Penal Code § 1534. Likewise, state laws vary on the hours
during which a search warrant may be executed. California law provides that
upon a showing of good cause, the magistrate may, in his or her discretion, insert
a direction in a search warrant that it may be served at any time of the day or
night. In the absence ...

Whiskey River Ranger

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The Old West Life of Baz Outlaw Bob Alexander. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. At the time,
although there would be later debate and tweaking of legalese, Texas Rangers
were considered peace officers and Texas peace officers were dutifully sworn to
uphold the laws of Texas and arrest violators. Stealing livestock was a criminal
offense within the Texas Penal Code—and Rangers were expected to chase,
capture, and cuff thieving offenders. The statutory jurisdiction of the U.S. Marshal
and his ...

Trade Secrecy And International Transactions

Author: Elizabeth A Rowe
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Generally, in pursuing a criminal trade secret action prosecutors must prove that
the information in question is a trade secret in much the same way as would be
required in a civil action (unless the language of the criminal statute suggests
otherwise). ... Based upon the foregoing, each criminal statute that may apply to
an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets should be carefully evaluated to
determine the applicable elements of the crime. ... 34 See e.g., Texas Penal
Code Ann. s.

Sexual Orientation Gender Identity And The Law In A Nutshell

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Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003). John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner were
arrested on September 17, 1998 for allegedly 17 engaging in homosexual
conduct in violation of Texas' sodomy law. The Texas sodomy statute stated that “
deviate sexual intercourse” means: “(A) any contact between any part of the
genitals of one person and the mouth or anus of another person; or (B) the
penetration of the genitals or the anus of another person with an object.” Tex.
Penal Code Ann.

Criminal Justice In Action The Core

Author: Larry K. Gaines
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“Bertino-Tarrant's Caffeine Powder Ban Signed into Law,” (July 16, 2015), at
senator /press-releases/112-bertino-tarrant-s -
caffeine-powder-ban-signed-into-law. Henry M. Hart, Jr., “The .... 718 aghten'
saghten's (1843). Note that the name is also spelled M'Naughten and
McNaughten. Model Penal Code Section 401 (1952). Joshua Dressler, Cases
and Materials on Criminal Law, 2d ed. (St. Paul, Minn.: West Group, 1999), 599.
Ronald Schouten, “The ...

Constitutional Law For Criminal Justice

Author: Jacqueline R. Kanovitz
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114-10); Tennessee (TENN. CODE. ANN. § 38-1-402); Texas (VERNON'S ANN.
TEXAS CODE CRIM. PRO. ARTS. 2.131, 2132 (b)); Washington (WASH. REV.
CODE. ANN. § 43.43.480(1)). See, e.g., California (WEST'S ANN. CAL . PENAL
CODE § 13519.4); Missouri (MO. REV. STAT. § 590.050); Minnesota Oklahoma (
OKLA. STAT . TIT 22, § 34.5); Texas (TEXAS OCC. CODE ANN. § 1701.253);
Washington (WASH. REV. CODE ANN. § 43.43.490). See, e.g., Minnesota (MINN