The Former Lives Of Saints

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Damian and Ezhno live across the country from each other and both work dead end night jobs.

The Sex Lives Of Saints

Author: Virginia Burrus
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Thus begins Jerome's account of his own brief career as a hermit, intruded into a
letter written to the Roman virgin Eustochium circa 384, some eight years after he
had decisively fled the Syrian desert. In this passage, ascetic fantasy quickly
overwhelms historical description. Still inventing himself in the present, Jerome's
interest in his own past lies largely with the power of the imagination to shape—
and reshape—a human life." His autobiographical confession unfolds in a series
of ...

The Illustrated Christian Year Or Lives Of The Most Eminent Saints

Author: Christian year
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LYONS. ... affection towards me will he estranged for thou wilt make, nay thou
hast already made, attacks upon the inviolahle rights of the church which I would
feel myself called upon to resist; the envious too will interpose hetween us, and
thus our former love for each other will he replaced hy a haired which death
alone will mitigate.

The Lives Of Saints

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The Saint's Body was translated to Antioch at the Close of the fifth Century. The
Greeks keep his Festival on the twenty first of February, the Latins on the
sixteenth of July. Our holy ... Alexis ; whole Story being very little different from
that of St. John Calybite, some of the Learned have taken the Liberty of believing
the Life of the former is but a Copy of what an ancient Greek Author has given us
of the latter. According to that Writer John was born at Constantinople about the
Year 426, and ...

Butler S Lives Of The Saints April

Author: Alban Butler
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Some accounts (followed by the previous edition of this work) tell how Richard
took on the administration of the estate, which had been neglected, and even
laboured as a ploughman to help his brother, but there is no trustworthy evidence
to support this. He went to study at Oxford and then at Paris. There is a later
account which tells of him also studying at Bologna and again refusing an offer of
marriage, but this seems to be unlikely. He returned to Oxford, making a
reputation for ...

The Lives Of Saints

Author: Charles Fell
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The greater Part of the Community gave into the Proposal immediately; and some
Ladies of distinguished Piety in the World proserr'd their Assistance on
thatOccasion ; the former were ready to give their Advice and Interest in
promoting the good Design : the latter to contribute considerable Sums toward
carrying on this useful Project. Thus powerfully assisted, and depending on the
Blessing of Heaven on her Endeavours, she enter'd on the Reformation of the
Carmelites, and laid the ...

The Lives Of Saints

Author: Alban Butler
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The slave was immediately condemned tohave hislegs broken, and to beput to
death, in consequence ofanedict ofMarcus Aurelius,who, without repealing the
former lawsagainst convicted Christians, ordered byitthattheir accusers should be
put to death. The slavebeing executed,the same judge sentan order toSt.
Apollonius to renounce his religion ashe valued hislife and fortune.TheSaint
courageously rejected such ignominioustermsof safety,wherefore Perennis
referred himtothe ...

Philosophy Of Religion

Author: Roy W. Perrett
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And in fact the doctrine of karma does maintain that certain dispositions of the
sort alluded to here carry across lives. The second point that needs to be made is
that some people do claim to remember their previous lives. In the Indian tradition
such an ability is thought to be typical of saints andyogins. (The Buddhist tradition
, for instance, very early linked the acquisition of the ability to recall former births
with the actual enlightenment experience of Gautama Buddha.)1 Moreover ...

Sacred Biography In The Buddhist Traditions Of South And Southeast Asia

Author: Juliane Schober
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
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lives.17 This Sinhalese commentary and slightly variant Southeast Asian texts
describe exemplary modes of practicing the path and the ultimate nibbanic
attainment of a karmically constituted "individual."18 These stories of the
Buddha's former lives are prefaced by the Sinhalese commentator's introduction,
Nidanakatha,19 which recounts the Buddha's biography from the time of his vow
to embark on the Buddha path to his achievement of enlightenment. The jataka
narratives ...