The Girl From The Sea

Author: James Aldridge
ISBN: 9780141316826
Size: 70.67 MB
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Beau, crippled and almost blinded by a terrible accident, is sent to recover in the South of France.

The Legend Of The Girl From The Shadows

Author: MCR El Pensador
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781479708932
Size: 48.33 MB
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Then death struck his body, knocking him to the sea from the top of the mountain,
from which the girl also saw how her father and her lover threw out the body of
her mother, and she wanted to scream but saw that move quietly, and she was
traumatized. In more account of this legend of the girl with the doll, the girl saw
and became dumb on seeing the body of her mother. It was wise to remain silent
suddenly, as she was so scared of what she had witnessed. She was traumatized
to ...

The Girl From Station X

Author: Elisa Segrave
Publisher: Union Books
ISBN: 1908526351
Size: 69.84 MB
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Now Anne's sick leavewas extended to three weeks. During that time shevisited
womenfriends around the country.She and Jean walkedon the shore at
Lymington, and Anne felt that glorious exhilaration that Ialways get from the sight
and sound of the sea, a wildness only now when kindof andsenseof adventure.
Itis I see the sea,asI doso seldom,thatIget thefeelingof being cooped up here
inthis islandand longtobe free onceagain to roam the worldat will . ..Itastedthe
sea andcould have ...

The Girl From The Sugar Plantation

Author: Sharon Maas
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786812959
Size: 63.44 MB
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Of course, the ubiquitous cane fields, endless miles of cane at various stages of
growth: fields burnt black, or sprouting with new shoots, or at half- or full-height,
towering up into the vast sky. We passed fishing villages, where fishermen had
spread their black nets over the bare ground, while the shore to our right was
lined with fishing boats, upside-down beside the Sea Wall. And then the Sea Wall
itself – that long brick structure stretching from Georgetown to Rosignol as a
barricade ...

The Girl From Kosovo

Author: Graham Whittaker
Publisher: Graham Whittaker
ISBN: 0987447025
Size: 58.19 MB
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Look, Robbie, the sea is beginning to cover this island. Already we will get wet
crossing to the sand.' 'Oh shit!' Robbie bounded to his feet, grabbed her hand,
and began gingerly picking his way over the stones, taking great care to avoid
slipping and twisting an ankle. In the other hand, he held the crab. At the beach
edge of the island, he turned and said, 'No point in us both getting soaked. I'll
piggy back you across. Just make sure you hang on, and don't knock the crab out
of my hand ...

The Girl From Atlantis

Author: Richard Schenkman
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0984180931
Size: 20.35 MB
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The sea turtle cocked his head. “Do you think I'm lying to you?” “No, no, of course
not. But it's just impossible. I mean, an underwater city? How come we never
discovered it?” “They've learned a few tricks over the millennia about hiding from
land-dwellers. And of course all the sea creatures are sworn to secrecy. Not that
it's usually an issue. You people don't tend to ask us a lot of questions.” Athena
screwed up her courage. “Take me there!” Archibald backed away from the girl. “
Oh, no ...