Searching For Adam

Author: Terry Mortenson
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See the endorsements by Grudem, C. John Collins, Ken Keathley, and Paul
Copan inside Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth, eds. Carol Hill,
Gregg Davidson, Wayne Ranney, and Tim Helble (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel,
2016). Davis Young reveals in his endorsement in the book that more than one of
the authors is a non-Christian. Carol Hill, senior editor of GC:MtoAE, does also in
Carol Hill, “How the Book, Can Noah's Flood Explain the Grand Canyon? Came
to Be,” ...

Dictionary Of Christianity And Science

Publisher: Zondervan
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Davidson, G. R. 2009. When Faith and Science Collide: A Biblical Approach to
Evaluating Evolution and the Age of the Earth. Oxford, MS: Malius. Greene, Jon
W. 2012. “A Biblical Case for OldEarth Creationism.” Evidence for God. August 2. Hill, C., G.
Davidson, T. Helble, and W. Ranney, eds. 2016. Grand Canyon, Monument to an
Ancient Earth: Can Noah's Flood Explain the Grand Canyon? Grand Rapids:

Thank God For Evolution

Author: Michael Dowd
Publisher: Penguin
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Grand Canyon: A Different View, by veteran Colorado River guide Tom Vail, is a
beautiful picture book that interprets all features of the Grand Canyon as
persuasive evidence of Noah's Flood, and thus of a young Earth in which
evolution plays no role. I explain to my audiences, “I'm thrilled that all people who
visit the Grand Canyon can be given a way to connect religiously with this
awesome monument of Earth history!” Similarly, when Connie visited the famous
Paluxy River site of ...

Old Earth Creationism On Trail

Author: Tim Chaffey
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Biology Ken Ham, One Blood (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 1999). Dr. Henry
Morris and Dr. Gary Parker, What is Creation Science? (Green Forest, AR: Master
Books, 1982). John Woodmorappe, Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study (Santee, CA:
Institute for Creation Research, 1996). Geology Dr. Steven Austin, Grand Canyon
: Monument to Catastrophe (Santee, CA: Institute for Creation Research, 1994). •
205 • Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. John Whitcomb, The Genesis Flood Appendix F: ...


Author: Simon Blackburn
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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They were rebutted by 'Uniformitarians' such as one of the most eminent
geologists of the time, Charles Lyell: When we are unable to explain the
monuments of past changes, it is always more probable that the difference arises
from our ... instance, that the Grand Canyon is the result of Noah's flood, perhaps
not realizing that the same principles could just as well lead them to believe that
the Bible was written last week, or indeed that they themselves may be no more
than one day old.