Understand Basic Chemistry Concepts

Author: Chris McMullen Ph. D.
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Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheets Over 200 Reactions To Balance

Author: Chris McMullen
Publisher: Zishka Publishing
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Master the art of balancing chemical reactions through examples and practice: 10 examples are fully solved step-by-step with explanations to serve as a guide.Over 200 chemical equations provide ample practice.Exercises start out easy and ...


Author: Kenneth W. Whitten
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In gen— eral, both ionization energies and electronegativities are low for
elements at the lower left of the periodic table and high for those at the upper
right. ... The oxidation state, or oxidation number, of an element in a simple binary
ionic com— pound is the number of electrons gained or lost by an atom of that
element when it forms the compound. ... We find, however, that the more
qualitative concept of electronegativity is more useful in describing chemical
bonding and properties.

Ck 12 Chemistry Second Edition

Author: CK-12 Foundation
Publisher: CK-12 Foundation
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CK-12 Foundation's Chemistry - Second Edition FlexBook covers the following chapters:Introduction to Chemistry - scientific method, history.Measurement in Chemistry - measurements, formulas.Matter and Energy - matter, energy.The Atomic ...

Basics For Chemistry

Author: David A. Ucko
Publisher: Elsevier
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Undergraduate students will find the book as a very valuable academic material.

General Chemistry

Author: Darrell Ebbing
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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22.5 Palladium and platinum are very similar to one another. Both are unreactive
toward most acids. However, nickel, which is in the same column of the periodic
table, is an active metal. Explain why this difference exists. 22.6 Write balanced
equations for the reactions of Cr and Cu metals with HCl(aq). If no reaction
occurs, write NR. 22.7 Write balanced equations for the reactions of chromium(III)
oxide with a strong acid. 22.8 Describe the structure of copper(II) sulfate

Chemistry For Dummies

Author: John T. Moore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118092929
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Chemistry 101 — get an easy-to-follow intro on the foundations of chemistry, understand where it fits in among the other sciences, and grasp the chemical world around you First there was Atom — delve into the microscopic world of atoms ...

Chemistry Ii For Dummies

Author: John T. Moore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118239466
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Chem I, in most schools, is a mixture of a lot of different topics. ... Chem II is also
much more mathematical than Chem I, which was great for me because I always
enjoyed the quantitative aspects of chemistry more than the descriptive part. ... 3
gives you a brief overview. Bonding: Chemical bonding, both ionic and covalent,
form an important part of Chem I. Having a firm foundation on these topics is also
important in Chem II. See Chapter 3 for a review. Molecules, compounds, and ...