Frag Einen Mann

Author: Steve Harvey
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864157315
Size: 21.26 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In der Dating-Bibel Frag einen Mann erklärt New York Times-Bestsellerautor Steve Harvey, wie Frauen verlässlich den richtigen Partner auswählen und langfristig eine glückliche Beziehung führen können.

Trump Think Like A Billionaire

Author: Donald J. Trump
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1588364372
Size: 22.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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As Donald Trump proves, getting rich is easy. Staying rich is harder. Your chances are better, and you’ll have more fun, if you think like a billionaire. This is the book that will help you make a real difference in your life.

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

Author: Steve Harvey
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061964497
Size: 10.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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These are women who can run a small business, keep a household with three kids in tiptop shape, and chair a church group all at the same time. Yet when it comes to relationships, they can't figure out what makes men tick. Why?

Think Like A Guy

Author: Giuliana Depandi
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781429903530
Size: 16.57 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Think Like a Guy is a hard-headed practical book for women who acknowledge that men and women simply think differently. 66 Kick-Ass Tips That Reveal What Goes on in Mr. Right's Head—And How to Turn that Head Your Way Giuliana DePandi has ...

Think Like A Programmer

Author: V. Anton Spraul
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593274564
Size: 10.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1439
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You'll also learn how to: –Split problems into discrete components to make them easier to solve –Make the most of code reuse with functions, classes, and libraries –Pick the perfect data structure for a particular job –Master more ...

How To Think Like A Programmer

Author: Paul Vickers
Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA
ISBN: 9781844809004
Size: 51.37 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3529
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How to Think Like a Programmer is a bright, accessible, fun read describing the mindset and mental methods of programmers.

Think Like A Champion

Author: Dick DeVenzio
Publisher: BookPros, LLC
ISBN: 9781933538549
Size: 12.39 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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As long as you read them a few days apart, I think you will find them both useful
and somewhat interesting. But if you read them back to back, I fear you might say
something like, "Okay Man, enough already, I heard you the first time." There are
a lot of great books in the world. I don't expect nor want you to read mine for two
straight hours or as though you are in a race to finish. On the contrary, I hope you
will read this book little by little, over a period of time, and let the ideas sink in.

Think Like Heaven

Author: Bob Hazlett
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 1629113344
Size: 74.80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Atmosphere of Imagination Imagination needs the right atmosphere in order
to flourish. Caves need not apply. Grug Crood became a prisoner of his cave and
made his loved ones prisoners, too. It wasn't the physical cave that kept them
locked up. Grug's rules did that. He was so preoccupied with not dying that
neither he nor his family really lived. Rules often hinder creative thinking. The law
of Moses is a good example. It was given to show people what to think and how
to act.

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man Expanded Edition

Author: Steve Harvey
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062353896
Size: 71.81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In this expanded edition, Steve includes an added section of all new advice, with tips on dealing with your partner's exes, spicing up your relationship, ensuring you're ready for that walk down the aisle, and much more.

How To Think Like A Knowledge Worker

Publisher: William Patterson Sheridan
ISBN: 0981081401
Size: 80.75 MB
Format: PDF
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The issue might occur in a media story, in a book or magazine you read, in a
conversation you have, in a presentation you attend, or it might be something that
just springs to mind. In the case of Phenomenology, ask yourself “Is the past or
future as real as the present?” “What is there about the past or present that is real,
and what is not?” Imagine how someone with a different sense of the past or
future might think or feel about events. Next, try considering something like this:
Does the ...