Author: Rufus Butler Seder
Publisher: Bastei Lübbe (Boje)
ISBN: 9783414822000
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Ja, Sie können Ihren Augen trauen! GALOPP! ist eine Welt-Premiere. Jede Seite ist ein neues Wunder. Faszinierend für Jung und Alt Jeder kann den Effekt sehen und genießen.

Das Buch Henoch

Author: Andreas Gottlieb Hoffmann
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781978235250
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Das Buch Henoch By Andreas Gottlieb Hoffmann

The London Review Of Politics Society Literature Art Science

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The Telegraph is not very unlike the Autographic Mirror, the text and illustrations
having a Btriking similarity to some of the pages of that interesting publication.
Printed on fine paper, and with ... Furthermore, a few unpublished pages of the '
Republic ' of Cicero have been found in the library of the old convent of Fuoino ;
as also fragments of the lost books of Titus Livy's History. Canon Biffi is the
fortunate student .... Zetetic Astronomy ; the Earth not a Globe. 12mo., 3s. 6d. THE

Alien Biosphere

Author: Roland Enders
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 3426439646
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Jurassic Park war gestern! Wir schreiben das Jahr 2048. Die bevorstehende Eröffnung des Themenparks Alien Biosphere bestimmt die Medien.

The Athenaeum

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The Zetetic system still lives in leotures and books; as it ought to do, for there is
no way of teaching a truth comparable to opposition. The last I heard of it was in
lectures at Plymouth in October, 1864. Since this time a prospectus has been
issued of a work entitled 'The Earth not a Globe'; but whether it has been
published I do not know. The contents are as follows :— "The Earth a Plano—
How circumnavigatcd—How time is lost or gained—Why a ship's hull disa Ipears
when outward ...

The Publishers Weekly

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BOOKS WANTED.—Continurd. Presbyterian Book-Store, 706 Penn Ave., Pitt.
burg, Pn. Defence of Armageddon, by Pitts. G. P. Putnam's 8ona,27 W. 23d St.,
N. Y. Anything onthe Philippines, West Indiesand Eastlndiel, excepting current
American publications. Hamilton's Works. 9 v. Putnam. Goodrich. Court of
Napoleon. Lippincott. W'ilson's ... Bronson. Mich. Figuier's World Before the
Deluge. Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe, by “ Parallax." St. Paul Book and
Stationery Co.